Social Experiment?

Zipping about faster than a fast thing moving fast, it seems that Karen(Rise) and Pete(nu) have moved… again… Uborka is there their new residence – hint, have a cucumber comment ready before you go… Update: Sorry Lyle Sir, won’t happen again.

Mix Tape for the 00s

Compilation Nation sets challenges for themed mix CDs. Looks interesting (and I like the quote from High Fidelity, if you are a music lover and haven’t read it, do so soon!)

Blogathon 2003

It seems like so long ago now… but the one of the post activities includes the giving of awards to those deemed worthy. There are several good blogs chosen for awards, and I would highly recommend them, in particular though I would highlight The Book of FSCK “His ground-breaking project introduced readers to a side…Continue reading Blogathon 2003

Card Shark

Finally a card game I may actually be able to play. I think it sounds more complicated than it really is, and relies wholly on the players not being too combatitive in their approach, with a silly side probably compulsory (people who moan that “well that’s just silly” shouldn’t play methinks…) 1000 Blank Cards –…Continue reading Card Shark