So, Friday night 2 a.m. and with most people beginning to show the effects of a LOT of booze, as usual two guys got all hot headed and started the old pushey-pushey prelude to a fight. The people and circumstances don’t really matter as they weren’t discussed, seemingly deemed unimportant by our two protagonists, after…Continue reading Men!

Still here

Trapped nerve in elbow on Sunday, didn’t sleep, took Monday off. Woke up Monday morning with sore throat. Sore throat still here. Beginning of nasty cold methinks. Sympathy please. Later today: The tough men who aren’t – a rant (presuming I remember to write it).

Dieting (again)

14 weeks, 1lb a week = 1 stone before Xmas. Last time we had a diet competition (well last time I entered) I lost two stone in ten weeks. I’ve put on about 9 lbs since then but I’m reasonably confident of losing two stone again before Xmas. The fact that there will be £60…Continue reading Dieting (again)


Been a busy old week. Tuesday night played basketball and met C in the pub (arranging to visit his offices in a couple of weeks). Wednesday night went out for dinner to the Cricklewood in Bothwell with some friends – plenty of funny stories that won’t be funny to anyone else. Thursday night, played 5-a-side,…Continue reading Journaling