Month: September 2003


OK been working at home for a couple of days now, and motivation is still pretty high. I’ve got a list of things to do that aren’t all related to work and I think I can make the most of having to sit on my arse for the next three weeks.

Work-wise I’m getting through some boring repetitive stuff, and because I’m at home I can break now and again for a quick shuffle round the web. On top of that, I’ve got someone coming round tonight to see if I can give them a hand with a project of theirs, and the same with someone else on Wednesday – all of a sudden I’m in demand!

I’ve also got a few home chores here, namely updating the photo galleries to a consist look and feel. Suggestions for software to help with this please, tried JAlbum, SGThumbs and a couple of others already. I’m NOT going to move to MT so don’t suggest it (of course now I’ve said that some smart alec will!).

Emmm if I’m this busy why did I volunteer to guest blog for Mike?

Dinner invites

Me stoopid.

Next time, don’t leave it open, just point everyone to your blogroll…


Well hello

How are you? Good? Ohh that’s great to hear.

Me? Ohh I’m fine thanks, can’t really complain… well except for the boredom… I mean I actually watched the whole of Logan’s Run today.. sheesh (OK, cult classic and all that, but .. really?)

Highlight of week was Louise phoning into Radio Clyde to inform them of her ‘miser’ father, reporting on his habit of cutting off the stalks of broccoli before he buys them. She thought she was safe as he lives in Spain but her sister grassed her up.

And even more exciting, tomorrow I’m going out!!! Well to my Mum and Dad’s as it is his birthday on Monday.

Ohh and yes I’ve got thoughts about all the news items… Hutton Enquiry, lack of WMDs, the Broadloid (Independent), Robert Palmer (RIP) and also about that ‘invite five people to dinner’ thing that Zoe started. But they’ll have to wait (or more likely, never be uttered).

Except the five people thing:
1. Stuart
2. Lyle
3. Gert
4. Meg
5. …. and someone else… but who?

Should I invite you? I should? Why?

Ain’t that clever of me? Instead of insulting the other 10 or so people I would like to invite, I’ve left it open… see what I did there? So – Karen, Pete, Jane, Nigel, Jez, Pat, Green Fairy, Pinky, Vaughan, Mike, Jen, Jennie and last, but never ever least Vicky – don’t get upset.


[Update 28/9/3: Of course I knew this would happen – I forgot Peter, Alexandra and Moi. Although all this trying to be nice and not upset people is a royal pain in the ass!]

Not here

OK, after moaning yesterday about how long it took me to get to the PC, I’ve gone and done it again. Well it’s that or another hour flicking through the channels to find out that, once again, nothing is on.

I’m going to try and be a bit more constructive I think. There are plenty of PC jobs needing done, and a few others that don’t really on me being able to stand up or move about.

In other news… er… well I’ve not really got any.

So, recap the highlight of your weekend for me.. please… (don’t make me beg)

Quick update

Not even a week since I got ‘plastered’ and I’m fedup with the damn thing already. The pain in my foot keeps me awake at night, and moving anywhere is a chore which leaves me sweaty and tired.

It took me 10 mins just to get upstairs. I’ll be working from home next week I think, so that should help keep my mind off things a little.

Right off for a quick check on some sites then it’s back to a comfy seat.

Ohh and thanks for all your well wishes, much appreciated!

Not Plaster


When you are playing basketball, no-one is near you and you take a step forward and hear a crunching noise from your foot, accompanied with a sharp pain… that’s not good is it?

You don’t need to answer, the doctor has already confirmed that I’ve broken the fifth metatarsal in my left foot and the nurses took great glee in manipulating said foot whilst giving me a lower leg cast.

The crutches I’ve had before (October 17th 2002 – tore ligaments in my right ankle), but I’ve never had a cast before. I was quite looking forward to it, getting people to sign it and stuff, except you can’t these days as they use a resin rather than plaster.


Anyway, I’ll not be about for a couple of weeks, the effort of getting upstairs to the computer is still a bit much (I KNEW I should’ve got that wireless stuff sorted out) and I’ll be in plaster, sorry in cast, for four weeks.

Ohh yes, spot the coincidence… October 17th last year, sprained ankle, October 17th this year, get cast removed, October 17th every year since I was born – my birthday!

Hmmm having just re-read this I would like to point out that I’m not fishing for birthday presents, honest (the wishlist IS over on the right though).