Papal outrage

Vatican drive to curb gay marriage. First Bush, now the Pope. Hmm who else will hop on the bandwagon then? Of course now that the Pope has spoken up, I will change my opinion, obviously. Must. Stop. Self. Ranting. About. Catholic. Church. (No offense to anyone of that religion, your are as entitled to your…Continue reading Papal outrage

Do it right

There is a team of men (all 3 of them) cleaning the walkway outside my office window. They are using a power cleaner thingy, and I’m amazed at the difference it is making to the slabs. They’ve gone from a dark dull grey to an off-white colour. Sort of. Thing is, they’re not doing the…Continue reading Do it right

Worse to worser(er)

The President of the US of A once again shows he is open-minded and forward thinking: “‘I believe a marriage is between a man and a woman, and I think we ought to codify that one way or the other,’ he told reporters in Washington.” Isn’t it about time for an assassination attempt? I mean…Continue reading Worse to worser(er)

26 Somethings

26 Somethings done and will posted to the main site tomorrow. But as I’m a nice guy (never believe rumours) you all get to have a sneak peek today. Be gentle with the comments please, and ignore the couple that are out of focus…

Paint it Black

Just moved? Or think of re-decorating? Try the Mouse Painter from Dulux. In fact, try it no matter your situation, it’s fun! (Ohh and if anyone shows this to my wife they’re for it, we’ve still to finish the bedroom and bathroom as it is…)

Karen & Pete

Pete & Karen, Karete, Peen? Errmmm.. Update your links people, they’ve finally moved Into The Wild: where the hardcore romantic wasps are.


It’s just lack of sleep I know. But how come, when you are really really tired, you can’t get to sleep!!