Month: July 2003

Papal outrage

Vatican drive to curb gay marriage.

First Bush, now the Pope. Hmm who else will hop on the bandwagon then?

Of course now that the Pope has spoken up, I will change my opinion, obviously.

Must. Stop. Self. Ranting. About. Catholic. Church.

(No offense to anyone of that religion, your are as entitled to your beliefs as I am to dismiss them… dammit, sorry, that came out wrong…)

Do it right

There is a team of men (all 3 of them) cleaning the walkway outside my office window. They are using a power cleaner thingy, and I’m amazed at the difference it is making to the slabs. They’ve gone from a dark dull grey to an off-white colour. Sort of.

Thing is, they’re not doing the greatest job. I watched one yesterday, working slab by slab, blasting away the dirt only to find that he obviously couldn’t be bothered as some slabs are cleaner than others. The difference in colour between these cleaned and ‘sort of cleaned’ slabs is very obvious and I just don’t get it. It’s not like he got bored towards the end of a row or anything, it seems to be a completely arbitary choice. Some slabs got the full treatment, others got a quick once over and that was it… very odd.

Wonder what his supervisor will say, it’s not like he can cover up his laziness.

Now I should really be leading up to a comment about work ethic, jobs not getting done properly and so on. But I’m sure you get my point.


Fed up with YACCS, switched to Haloscan. Hmm can I move my comments over too?

26 Somethings

26 Somethings done and will posted to the main site tomorrow. But as I’m a nice guy (never believe rumours) you all get to have a sneak peek today.

Be gentle with the comments please, and ignore the couple that are out of focus…

Paint it Black

Just moved? Or think of re-decorating? Try the Mouse Painter from Dulux.

In fact, try it no matter your situation, it’s fun!

(Ohh and if anyone shows this to my wife they’re for it, we’ve still to finish the bedroom and bathroom as it is…)

An Experiment on Blogs

An Experiment on Blogs, is the site of Scott Nowson who is producing a PhD on bloggers writing styles. I’ve had the privilege of providing some early feedback and now he needs your help.

There is a questionnaire to be filled in, and he is collating data as well. I’m genuinely interested in seeing the results of this one, so go and help out.

Updates will be posted on his blog, Blogademia.

(Ohh and sorry Scott for not posting this early, best of luck!!)

Victimising the victim?

First public gay high school to open in NYC.

This story is all over the place at the moment, but when has that ever stopped me throwing in my tuppence worth…

The main question: Is this a good or a bad thing?

Well I think, short-term, for the kids involved it is a good thing. It will allow them to attend school in a fear-free environment.

Long-term this is bad (well not bad, more … wrong) on a few counts. The kids are not experiencing a real world environment. Prejudice will greet them when they leave school, unfortunately that’s just fact. The protective environment the school will offer will leave them unprepared for the harsher realities of real life.

I also fail to see how this school will help tackle the key issue that underlies this whole matter.

What really bothers me the most about this, if I may focus on myself for a moment (hey it’s MY site), is that I should really be supportive of this kind of thing, but more and more frequently I find myself almost, almost, reaching for the ‘positive discrimination argument. That really worries me.

I do hope that this school works, and I realise the driving issue behind it is a good one, and I really should stop over analysing these things. I think I’ve been reading too much Vaughan…


It’s just lack of sleep I know. But how come, when you are really really tired, you can’t get to sleep!!