Hum this

Harmonising Horses. Why? Why not I say! (click a horse to start) (via Ann Marie – who needs to get a website!)

Scotland catches up

Wi-Fi in Scotland at last! Quick I must rush out and buy something that uses Wi-Fi… or not… well not yet… why would I pay $5.50 for an hour? Sheesh.

Rhetorical irony

The final irony driving a nail through the common usage of the word ‘ironic’ a wonderful article to delight wordsmiths everywhere. Ohh ‘wot-e-verrr’..


MSN Messenger 6 Preview. Me likey. Especially the ‘display picture’ bit. Anyway. Wine drunk. Me too. Bed.


Proper Usage by Karen. Accidents by Nigel. Right, where’s the next meme? (Galactic Toss Monkeys anyone?)

Whispering behind our backs

Mike noticed it too. Amongst a few hiatuses (hiati?) that have appeared over the last few weeks, there are two which strike me as possibly being more than a coincidence. Of course it’s probably, well almost definitely, nothing sinister. But who knows what the sisters (Meg and Anna) are up to!

New Blogger

Ohhh and I’ve been on the ‘New Blogger’ for a week or so now. Very ‘nice’ but still lagging behind Moveable Type as far as features go. However I paid for Blogger Pro and I’ll support it for a while yet. Just wish there was more info about what is in the pipeline. Ev? Hello?