Month: June 2003

Scotland catches up

Wi-Fi in Scotland at last! Quick I must rush out and buy something that uses Wi-Fi… or not… well not yet… why would I pay $5.50 for an hour? Sheesh.

Rhetorical irony

The final irony driving a nail through the common usage of the word ‘ironic’ a wonderful article to delight wordsmiths everywhere. Ohh ‘wot-e-verrr’..


Katharine Hepburn : 1907-2003

Wandering Maltesers

Louise is making rapid strides in her recovery, and was desperate to get out of the house today, so I did a bit of research (read: aimless surfing) and came across Viewpark Gardens. Ideal as it didn’t seem too big, and is only 15 mins in the car.

Now before I go further I should explain that Viewpark itself isn’t the greatest area in Lanarkshire. Think far too many council estates and run-down pubs and you’ll get the picture (there’s someplace like this near you!), so we headed off, after a quick lunch, with a degree of uncertainty.

But what a surprise awaited us. Lovely gardens in a variety of themes, well maintained and ideal inspiration for us as we are still finalising plans for our own front garden (heathers, conifers, big rocks.. a Scottish garden). We spent the best part of a couple of hours wandering round the gardens and greenhouses (some excellent specimen cacti too), and didn’t see another soul. Pictures were taken, and will be online soon (along with the re-design).

Funniest moment was me, screaming like a banshee when an un-seen, and quite large, frog jumped out of the undergrowth and hit me on the leg. It’s just as well Louise’s stitches have healed….

Tomorrow, if the weather forecast is correct, it will be gardening day. Cutting grass, weeding, and generally tidying up, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Anyway, surfing time. Beer and maltesers at the ready.

Whispering behind our backs

Mike noticed it too. Amongst a few hiatuses (hiati?) that have appeared over the last few weeks, there are two which strike me as possibly being more than a coincidence. Of course it’s probably, well almost definitely, nothing sinister. But who knows what the sisters (Meg and Anna) are up to!

New Blogger

Ohhh and I’ve been on the ‘New Blogger’ for a week or so now.

Very ‘nice’ but still lagging behind Moveable Type as far as features go. However I paid for Blogger Pro and I’ll support it for a while yet. Just wish there was more info about what is in the pipeline. Ev? Hello?