Evolution of language

I’m a writer by trade (technical writer/author/communicator) and have spent long meetings discussing various style issues, how to handle bulleted lists (capitalise the first word of each bullet? end each bullet point with a comma, preface the list with a colon), the finer points of US versus UK spelling and grammar. Frequently I’d get frustrated,…Continue reading Evolution of language


Is this the best we can do? Playing 5-a-side football last night (soccer), the ball flies over the high-fencing to the path behind the pitches. This is a regular occurance. Three young boys (around 10 years old) spot the ball and one jogs over to get it. We shout our thanks “Cheers!”. He then grabs…Continue reading Failing

Society Anger

Ever get that “why do I live here” kind of anger? I don’t mean Hamilton, or Scotland, I mean our society. Quite frankly it sucks.Now I’ve admitted before that I am a snob (not a very good snob as I’m not rich enough for that… yet…) but I look at some of the people in…Continue reading Society Anger


In lieu of any time to think of anything else to say today…A new Blogger.How NOT to cheat on an essayZX Spectrum Games – Top Trumps.R.I.P. Dexternie. Stuck in meeting land, more later (if I survive 5-a-side).

Game on

Have you seen the video for Junior Senior’s track Move Your Feet? Well for those of us who remember, think ZX Spectrum blocky pixels.Now try explaining to your PlayStation 2 loving nephew that:“This is how videogames used to look”Cue incredulous look…“But…. why??….”


Louise’s parents leave for Spain tomorrow. We spent most of the day with them yesterday, helping finish off various little jobs around the house. The packers will be there by now, loading their possessions onto a lorry bound for Malaga, and they head off for the Santander ferry on tomorrow. Needless to say there were…Continue reading Goodbye


We were up and about early this morning, got the required shopping out of the road (sisters birthday on Monday, sister-in-laws on Wednesday), and some ‘unrequired’ bits and bobs – unrequired as in: “why did we buy garden furniture, look at the flipping weather!”. So we have retreated indoors, had a nice leisurely dinner and…Continue reading Yeuch

Random conversations

Friday is cake day, we gather in the kitchen and talk rubbish, well I thought someone was talking rubbish, but turns out he wasn’t… Do you know what a cataract is? 1. A large or high waterfall. 2. A great downpour; a deluge. 3. Pathology. Opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, causing…Continue reading Random conversations


X2 THE sequel of the year so far, X2 (X-Men 2) more that lives up to the hype, and if anything I still think they are holding back. Equally enjoyable as an action romp and as a continuation of the X-Men story, you are left in no doubt that director Bryan Singer knows his subject…Continue reading X2