Alex owns up to an addiction, and following his lead I will do the same. My name is Gordon McLean, and I’m a Big Brother-oholic. Yes Big Brother 4 starts on Friday. Yes I’ll be watching the, and yes I will comment on it here (hopefully in passing mainly).

True Desktop

So are you feeling voyeuristic? Yes, yet another little photo submission thing:1. True Desktop Entry – Work Desk – taken using my camera phone.2. True Desktop Entry – Home Desk – taken using my camera.

Judgement call

Porto won the UEFA Cup.With more than a little help from the referee. I’m a lot more pissed off than I expected about this, I wouldn’t have minded Celtic losing if they had lost fair and square, unfortunately they lost to a team of divers aided by some awful refereeing. Still, Celtic take a lot…Continue reading Judgement call

Social Software

Having heard and read this term a few times recently I’ve done a little digging, and come up with the following, which you may or may not find useful. Working definition of social software by Tom at plasticbag, with some equally good points in the comments. Are You Ready for Social Software?“It’s a sprawling, tentacled…Continue reading Social Software

Mono Stereo

Whilst I remember – trying listening to some music using only one headphone. I do this at work so I can keep one ear ‘open’, and it throws up some gems – Marvin Gayes – Heard it through the Grapevine is ideal for this effect, the drums are all loaded to the left hand channel,…Continue reading Mono Stereo

.. on the QT and definitely hush-hush…

ukbloggers-discuss mailing list is currently hosting an ‘interesting’ discussion concerning the possible, maybe, start of a discussion about discussing the possibility of arranging a UK conference for something remotely blog related, or in that general sphere of the internetwebthingy. OK, I’m taking the piss slightly, but there are several (at least 3) bright people making…Continue reading .. on the QT and definitely hush-hush…

Read fodder

Karen at Rise is looking for your top five books. Here’s mine: 1. American Tabloid – James EllroyMainly for the writing style, and in part for my fascination with this particular time period in American history (around the Kennedy assasination), a wonderful twist on the topic. 2. White Trash – John KingStraightforward enough to read,…Continue reading Read fodder

Car Insurance update

Yes, the next riveting episode in the saga. is it a saga if it’s only two entries long? Clarification first: Elephant are owned by Admiral. The main difference is that, with Elephant you have to pay your premium in one go. Direct Line were the most expensive, topping Churchill by a further £80, More Th>n…Continue reading Car Insurance update