Cripes. June is fast approaching. Already. That’s scary, that is. In June:Louise goes in for a minor op.Louise turns 30.Louise goes to see Robbie Williams in Edinburgh. Hmmmm can anyone else spot the pattern here?

Wedding day blues

More on this later, but let’s just say yesterday’s wedding won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Hey, how many weddings have you been to where the groom gets charged with assault?

Half Day

Got the afternoon off as we are at a friends wedding tomorrow (Louise is her bridesmaid) and still have some bits and bobs to sort out. In saying that, my other half is talking about going to see the Matrix Reloaded this afternoon… hmmm why not. Some photo’s MAY be forthcoming from the weekend, but…Continue reading Half Day

The Ickity One

Having posted about it yesterday I thought I’d better try this brushing the tongue malarky (malarky? That’s that bloody Jamie Oliver!). Ick. I don’t like the sensation, nor did I enjoy the gagging sensation it brought on, definitely not the most pleasant thing to do first thing in the morning. I managed to see the…Continue reading The Ickity One


Prompted by some of the letters in today’s Metro: When you brush your teeth, do you brush your tongue?

Matrix Screensavers

Jez mentioned a screensaver yesterday and reminded me that I also downloaded a new Matrix screensaver recently (as featured in Lockergnome Daily I think). It requires a ‘modern’ 3D Video card (unfortunately my machine at work doesn’t quite cut it, but when I installed it at home… WOW. MVR Matrix Reloaded Screen Saver I have…Continue reading Matrix Screensavers