MORE laughter

BREAKING NEWS: Just heard that the Major who tried to cheat on ‘Millionaire’ has commited suicide.ITV say they will pay for the funeral.But not the coffin. (Via my mate Stu who will be joining us this evening for X2)


Vodkabird made me laugh. Even if it was actually Matron that posted the jokes (scroll down for some funnier ones!)

All I want for Christmas…

Damn now I have Mariah Carey in my head… anyway..CREATIVE INTRODUCES THE HIGHEST CAPACITY NOMAD JUKEBOX ZEN EVER (their caps not mine). 60GB worth of storage, how could I possibly fill that? Hmmm well I’ve hit 20GB at home already… so….

Washington National Cathedral

“As Washington National Cathedral approached completion, the west towers rose towards the sky, striking toward heaven. During the building a startling idea was hatched: hold a competition for children to design decorative sculpture for the Cathedral. “ One of them chose Darth Vader. Apologies if I’ve nicked this from someone without credit but I can’t…Continue reading Washington National Cathedral

Batch file renamer

One for us digital camera owners out there: ARen 1.06 (via the ever wonderful Lockergnome newsletter). As the website says (as written by the Danish author): “You just add a lot of files to a list, and then choose how they should be renamed. Then you start the program and then you have a big…Continue reading Batch file renamer