Month: May 2003


Blogging world quiet this weekend? I wonder why?

Tee hee, see, nothing sinister, just a good weekend for people to be out and about (although as Alex pointed out, that may mean that they will have even more to blog about but I’m holding out that most people won’t cover it until Monday… or Sunday night at least…)

Now what else was I going to do? Oh yes, apologies for the picture quality, taken with my webcam.

The internetweb

OK, I’ve been ‘on’ the web since around 1995. It is now an integral part of my life and my work, and I’ve come to rely on it, and barely give it a thought most days.

Now and again though I pause and remember how incredible it is. I’ve just downloaded IrfanView from a site in Alaska. It took all of 20 secs. From Alaska.

Isn’t it amazing what you take for granted?


Tonight is curry and karaoke night. I don’t sing at karaoke’s. At least that’s what I tell myself, but as the ‘evening’ doesn’t start until 7:30pm and we’ll hit the pub at the back of 5pm… well I reckon my dulcet tones may be inflicted on my poor work colleagues.

Of course I’ll miss the eviction on BB4 tonight – but my darling wife is under strict orders to update me with the news (and failing that I have my sister and Dianne as backup, not that I’m suggesting that my wife doesn’t follow my orders… errmm… she does… sometimes… when she wants too…).

And make sure you come back tomorrow and I’ll reveal the reasoning behind my earlier prediction (and I’ll possibly reveal something else too)

Cross my palm with silver

And I’ll give you a prediction…

This weekend the UK blogs will be quieter than usual.

Just watch and wait…


Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a quick trip round (half of) my blogroll (ermmm that sounds kinda icky actually…)

Graybo is still painting and drinking (not at the same time I hasten to add)
Pat believes in coincidence and has an affection for ZZ Top (?)
Michelle has a new feature and it’s good to see the little dead girl back… I think..
Julie is hot, and is looking forward to her new bed
Alex doesn’t blame Broadcast, and doesn’t like warm overpriced Carling (who does?)
Nigel has a go at a company (which I can’t say anything about as they are customers of ours! Eek!
Moi is back already (see previous post)
Scotblog is spot on at the moment – 1-1 with New Zealand! Sheesh!
Becca has a sore head but at least she knows where her pens are now
Owen is still busy (and may be relegated to non blogroll soon – you have been warned! 😉
Richard is dreaming of Peter and Caitlin, and watching politics
Simon makes me glad I’ve already had dinner – although he might be right
Pinky teaches us to write porn, always a useful skill if you ask me
Lyle has stopped yakking about trains but is worried about his knees
Is Etceterate on holiday this week?
Eliza is still taking tests and her group blog is doing well
Caitlin is worried about the inspect of her flat and has just finished His Dark Materials
Green Fairy and I have something in common – tattoos

Sorry that’s it for now. I’m pooped and I’ve got a night out tomorrow and I don’t want to end up being the ‘old man’ going home at 11 p.m after a few beers.


Moi sent me (as promised) a postcard.


Click for full picture


Struggling to get round my bloglist, work getting in the way.

But I can report that I received a postcard today (photo to follow).

OK, move along now, nothing to see here (although I would suggest the links proffered over there on the right…)