Feeling much, much better, and actually having today and tomorrow off anyway, I decided to spend the day wandering round the shops. You know the type of wandering, the type you have to do on your own, because you are the only person who wants to look at the type of things you want to…Continue reading Holiday

ReligionSPEAKEASY: The one man show that is Carey Henderson, keeps getting better. I’ve contributed one article and just sent off a short piece about my early dalliances with religion. I don’t believe in God. (So why the capital letter? hmmm)I do believe in people’s right to believe in whatever they want to believe in… I…Continue reading

Still awakeBeen awake since 7:30 a.m., which given the past few days, is something of an achievement. Mind you, I’m off for a snooze now as I can hardly keep my eyes open – hey, it’s hard work catching up, cripes what’s it going to be like when we go on holiday later in the…Continue reading

It’s mine, all mine, muwahahahahaAhem. Sorry. New domain ya see, well not new, but complete… Anyhoo, new Tune of Moment for ya. Poignant given the current climate of impending war.


We held a diet contest in my workplace last year. I won it. Lost almost two stones (28lbs) in 10 weeks. I did it healthily, started going to the gym, ate sensible, healthy foods. I felt good about myself, looked better, and enjoyed (in that embarassed way we Brits manage so well) the compliments. I’ve…Continue reading Diet

He’s alive!Well getting there anyway. Still kinda woozy, but at least I can sit upright and not think the room is spinning or that I want to be sick… Which is all just as well as I’d forgotten that today is broadband day. Yay… I just wish I had more enthusiasm for it… ohh and…Continue reading