Friday afternoonAhh the joys. 45 minutes to go and the usual silly things start flying round email..

Today’s BlessingMay the fleas of a thousand Afghan camels infest the crotch of the person who fucks up ur day, and may their arms be too short to scratch. Yes, I’m having a bad day.

Stuck for wordsDo you ever start writing something for your blog then stop and delete it, only to start again… repeating the process ad infinitum (or at least it feels that way). Well, grab some inspiration from THE TOPICS BLOG. If none of the topics suggested spark some creativity I’ll eat my hat!* * Disclaimer:…Continue reading

I’m safeWhilst I remember, for anyone who is worried about the amount of time I spend in front of the computer (yes Mum I mean you), and in particular the recent news about possibly developing DVT whilst sitting at my computer, fear not. My name is Gordon, and I am a fidget. Ain’t no way…Continue reading

Superbowl hostingI knew I should’ve stayed up to watch it this year, but I didn’t and so I missed this Superbowl photo. Which admittedly isn’t particularly sport related.. so… ahem… moving on.. Pinky pointed out some hosting alternatives for me that would allow me to shift over to Moveable Type. I’m really not that keen…Continue reading

Wait, hang on…I think… yes, definitely… can feel my face again!!! God I’m starving. Time for some Google cooking methinks…

DJ is 10Go say Happy Birthday. It’s odd, never met him, nor his Mum, but having read about him for the last coupla years it seems right to celebrate a little. Not a lot, it’s not like I think I’m a member of the family or anything, hell I rarely comment over there, but that’s…Continue reading

NumbWent to dentist. Right time. 3 injections. Drilly noise. Swallowing debris. Still haven’t learnt how to ‘rinse’ properly when half my mouth is numb and promptly dribbled all over myself. Left in state of embarassment and with two more appointments to go…

RemarkableWell past-remarkable anyway… Manipulating Google takes around 3-5 days it would seem. Google Search: “galactic toss monkey” (Hey at least I’m number one…) Now all we have to do is get this ‘meme’ going, I fancy a collaborative ‘Bloggy’ for the 2003 Best Meme!

Mankind savedWell, we will be if the machines rise up and try and beat us at chess…Kasparov trashes Deep Junior in first chess match.