Month: December 2002


Zeitgeist: noun: “the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era”

Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Ferrari, mp3, David Beckham, Eminem (again), Paris, World Cup, Spiderman, The Simpsons, The Sims, and IKEA.

What are they?

The top woman, man, brand, technology, athlete, musician, destination, news story, movie, tv show, video game, and retailer, of 2002 according to Google.

Note: it only shows the Top 10 in each category, so obviously I’m a bit miffed that I was 11th in the ‘Top Men’ category (although with his ‘thug’ lifestyle leapfrogging Ja Rule should be easy enough for next year…)

Bleuch Part 2

Wisdom tooth has eased, and I’ve got the dentist on Wednesday to get it looked at… but building a shed in freezing conditions isn’t the best way to avoid getting a cold. *sniffle*

Mind you I managed to avoid a hangover on Saturday morning, after an excellent Friday night (bar a screw up by my credit card company leaving me cashless until I put the £280 bill from the Indian restaurant on my Visa account and took everyone else’s cash payments…). Ended up in a top bar, jukebox playing, leather sofas, open fire, silly tipsy conversations. Brill. Alex had a good night too.

Not much done today bar shifting our suite into the garage to make for the new one which should get delivered tomorrow. I say should after my recent experience with this lovely new PC I’m sitting in front of… ohh did I tell you I had gotten a new PC? 😉

Bad Translations

Jez made me laugh. Which is good, as my tooth is still throbbing and I’ve tweaked my back (falling to bits by the day here!).

Mind you got curry and beer to look forward to tonight. Although I must try and remember I’ll be building a shed tomorrow, can’t be too hungover!

Music Club

A few of us in work have arranged a music club, every Tuesday and Thursday we take turns to bring in a CD and share it with the office.

It was my turn yesterday, except I forgot and brought my CD in today. The The – Infected. Released in 1986 it was a bit of a turning point for me musically. Whilst looking back it seems somewhat dated, the songwriting and political stance was something new to me, and opened my 13 year old eyes to music outside ‘Top of the Pops’.

Bad news
CD burning is strangely addictive. 6 CDs of compilations done so far… think I’ll need to get some more blank discs at the weekend.

Two hours sleep last night. Rest of time spent counting the seconds until the next set of painkillers.

Fecking Wisdom Teeth.

Who, me?
Good comedy is based on the truth. But this is a little close to the bone…
‘Tis the season: do not adjust your attitude

“Why do people insist on decorating their house windows with ridiculous, tasteless flashing lights so that their house resembles a mini-disco?”

Not bad
Oops. Was sent this at the end of November. Should really try and keep on top of my email. Anyway, a nice advent calendar with some interesting bits and bobs for each day!

Good grief, it seems I’m actually getting into the Xmas spirit… a little…