Gollum gets an Oscar

The rise of ‘synthespians’ takes a look at the growing trend and acceptance of computer generated characters. Gollum (Lord of the Rings), Dobby (an elf in Harry Potter), Yoda (Star Wars), etc.

Museum staff to strike?

OK, not really, but this article from yesterday’s Scotsman talks about under-investment and the figure of £14 million is touted as being required to stop some museums closing and to save jobs. Under-investment. Sound familiar? Fire service, railways, health service, in short the bulk of public services are lacking funding. What is the government doing…Continue reading Museum staff to strike?


A word of warning to Meg. It was -7C this morning. Mind you I guess that Anna is keeping her sister up-to-date. In other news… ehh… hang on. There isn’t any. Ohh I did manage to finally buy a snazzy new shirt for our company Xmas do on Friday although I will have to venture…Continue reading Brrrrr

Train Journeys

Why is it always the nights that you are dying to get home that the train stops inbetween stations and sits there for 20 minutes? No explanation, no apology. And why does the “Loudest Woman in the World” always have to get on my carriage? I really don’t care why the police stopped her for…Continue reading Train Journeys

Some dates for your diary

February 14th 2003: Daredevil May 2nd 2003: X2 May 15th 2003: Matrix: Reloaded July 2nd 2003: The Hulk July 2nd 2003: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. And for UK readers with a UGC cinema nearby, get their £9.99 a month, unlimited viewing ticket now!