Internet Explorer 6.0Hmmm. OK BEFORE you flame me for using IE.. ehhh… hang on and I’ll find a good reason… hmmm better than Mozilla ? *ducks* Anyhoo, if you have the aforementioned browser, have you spotted this little feature? With a browser window open so you can view the status bar (the bit bottom left…Continue reading

RamblingsPopped up to the shop for lunch and on the way back two police horses (and riders obviously) were walking up the street. Which made me smile (which was nice…). Out for beer tonight with a couple of mates, one of whom I haven’t seen for… ohh about a year? Hey, it’s not like he…Continue reading

Anti-SpamI get around 5 or 6 spam emails a day at work and 10-15 on my home account, so it’s not too bad, however I have noticed a rise in the last couple of months so I’ve started looking for a solution. Thankfully that clever bloke Fred Langa has done the same, so rather than…Continue reading

Last night on TVCelebrity Big Brother – which I fear may be on more than it is off.A live autopsy – causing a lot of controversy. (The people that paid to see it live made a choice, the people that tuned to Channel 4 made a choice, now move along please..)Life of Mammals – which…Continue reading

Today is…A special day at Hydragenic. Thirty-Five Fragment day no less! (Although I have a feeling that it marks something else…)


I’m published baby, yea! Finally got around to writing an article for Speakeasy, and whaddya know, that nice bloke Carey published it (and only a couple of grammatical errors to correct too, which were only in there to see if he was paying attention…). Titled “R.T.F.M. – The plight of the Technical Communicator” it is…Continue reading RTFM


If you work in I.T. you will no doubt have heard the abbreviation R.T.F.M. at some point. It stands for “Read The Frickin’ Manual”. As a Technical Communicator by trade it is always disappointing to hear it uttered. Hours and hours of research, learning and knowledge accumulation are pored into most software manuals, and all…Continue reading R.T.F.M.

Trust meBeen looking about some celebrity blogs and so far, the best has to be RuPauls. No seriously, it has some very honest stuff in there, especially the bio – timeline. Worth a read if you ask me.