MelancholyI’m a tad down at the moment, and although I know it’s just the weather/stress at work/impending financial crisis that is Xmas, it takes me back to a bad time in my life. And then I go and read this (at bluegirl). So damn true it hurts.

Lacking inspiration/motivationSo I’ll just: Steal a link from Hydragenic: The Daily Zen (and yes I too must improve my knowledge of Zen).Point you to Blogatelle for a wonderful picture (and symbology).Tell you that Vaughan has leisure sickness, no seriously.Wish Leia good luck with Apt Minds.Muse over how long the Shirt Off My Back Project can…Continue reading

Gulp, take a deep breathOK, I’ve gone and done it. After months, nay, years of procrastinating I’ve finally done ‘something’ for this little thing we call blog. Now I’ll be honest I’m not sure how this will go, I’ll drive it as hard as I can (so a few of you out there can expect…Continue reading

Failing health systemI have to agree with Scotblog’s views on the medical profession. A friend of mine has had a few problems recently and the doctors have singularly failed, on top of that, some of them have been down right incompetent. For example: what kind of doctor tells a woman who has been fainting that…Continue reading

Glasgow PubsAlex makes a good point about the declining choice of pubs in Glasgow. Well said that man.. Errr… but where did I go on Thursday night… 2 Wetherspoon’s, and Buddha. I’m blaming my mate, he lives in England now and wanted ‘real ale’ (also known as slightly flat, weak, warm beer… bleuch)

BikeWhat make was your first bike? What did it look like? I’ll bet you.. well nothing as I’m skint, but I’m confident that you can all remember your first bike. Name, model, colour, accessories probably.. Mine? A Raleigh Boxer (in blue), including handlebar streamers and in-spoke reflectors. My friend had one the same and his…Continue reading

Weekend InspirationSaturday we ventured through to see the families and drop off an HTML book to my nephew (15yrs old and I just KNOW he’ll be coding like a pro in about.. ohh 2 weeks?). Ended up staying at my parents for dinner, having a few Guinness and a game of Trivial Pursuit. Now I’m…Continue reading

Baggage screeningThink you could spot a knife or gun in an X-ray of bag or briefcase? Think you could do the job? MSNBC has an interesting look at baggage handling in the wake of government reforms in the US. Find out how hard the job is.I scored 50% and marked 4 bags incorrectly, but many…Continue reading

HungoverDrinks with two best mates – goodKronenburg 1664 – bad. Oh so v.bad. And I’m slightly miffed that my blog entry at 1am from an BT Internet point hasn’t appeared… christ knows what it said mind you..