Scotland rulesOK, I’m not big on the whole England vs Scotland thing (unless it involves rugby and a historic Grand Slam or two). But this article did make me giggle.The tragic ineptitude of the English male. I shouldn’t point out that it should really be titled (I think) The tragic ineptitude of the London male……Continue reading

FREE DOWNLOADS!Naked chicks, increase your penis size, solve your debt… sorry, just been clearing out some of my email inboxes, I like keep a couple of hotmail accounts for ‘junk’ purposes. Anyway, in the midst of all the spam I do get a couple of newsletters from sources I can no longer remember. In one…Continue reading

The truth behind the moviesThe hero dives through a window, lands neatly before filling the bad guys car with lead for a couple of minutes, sparks flying as the bullets contact metal, before watching it plummit over the edge of the cliff, bursting into flames as it smashes into the ground. Or not, as in…Continue reading

Calling all cyclistsIf you live/work in Glasgow and use the cycle route by the river (the bit where it passes the Waverley). PLEASE FIT A BELL ONTO YOUR BIKE! This will allow you to signal your approach. Note: Pedestrians are NOT psychic, nor possess the hearing of Superman. For the record, to the cyclist who…Continue reading

August 31stYesterday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary (Iron or Candy). Congratulations to us! Off to crawl back into bed. I knew we shouldn’t have opened that 5th bottle of wine…