Holiday OverBack to work tomorrow.Items on ‘to-do’ list completed = None.Items NOT on ‘to-do’ list completed = a fewTime spent reading, watching TV, playing Playstation or just generally chilling out and not doing much of anything = most of it.

Ha, ha , ha, … BANG!I’ve not visited this site for ages, and when I do I find the coincidence with the just announced company news scarily hysterically funny. P45 Roulette anyone? (More on the ‘company news’ when I know something concrete + I don’t like talking about that kinda thing on here anyway)

Better than nothingI added the ‘tagline’ mentioned above to this site after suggestion from a friend. I am fully aware that, currently, this is slightly ironic (or is it sarcastic), but hey, I’m on holiday. [v.big grin]

DisclaimerThis is a personal website. What I write here is usually born of emotion. As such the spelling may be slightly awry, as I tend to follow the ‘post now, spell check later’ approach favoured by many personal websites. Again I would stress that this is not supposed to be a pinnacle of writing (as…Continue reading

Loch LomondI’ve commented about this before, but it’s amazing how much I took for granted when I grew up in Dumbarton, a mere 6 miles or so from the recently opened Loch Lomond National Park, it was something I took for granted. Revisiting it yesterday was truly like seeing it for the first time. Obviously…Continue reading

FirewalkLast night my sister took part in a firewalk. She was kinda nervous about it, but handled it well. When the moment came, everyone lined up and chanted, then they started walking, one by one, across the glowing embers. I stood, camera in hand, waiting for her turn, peering through the darkness. Then there she…Continue reading

To market, to market…An unexpected bonus today. We headed into Glasgow (to buy a couple of birthday cards which I’ve only just realised we forgot to do) and came across a ‘European’ market running in Sauciehall Street. Belgian, Spanish, French, Germany and English stalls were represented. I got some Merguez but I will abstain from…Continue reading