Meant to say

I’m an organised kinda guy, I have a folder on my desktop called Blogstuff into which I put links to articles I want to mention or investigate further. Every now and then (more then than now) I go through it and clear out the stuff I’ve used and the stuff that, on a second read,…Continue reading Meant to say


Been meaning to link to this for a while. I dare you not to lose several hours in the bridge-builder game (on the left, scroll down a bit when you get there). Yeah, but is it art? .com

Like a new toy

Behind the times? Me? Never! OK, so I’m a week (ok several) behind on this one, but I must say I’m loving Google News. Especially since I found out that “There are no human editors at Google” because “The headlines that appear on Google news are selected entirely by computer algorithms”. Colour me impressed! (which…Continue reading Like a new toy

Twin me

Prompted by my, currently only, blog twin I give you The Blog Twinning Project. Go on, be my twin, the amount of respect, kudos and generally good feeling you will receive will be untold!

Clever ToysThere are many clever games and toys to be found on the internet, but this is the coolest. *The writing is on the fridge. * Apologies for the awful pun

Morning!No better way to start the day than to have a giggle. Head over to Blogatelle and enjoy On Flying.“Blue water Navy truism: There are more planes in the ocean than there are submarines in the sky.”

Just thisI rant and ramble a lot on here and I fear it only fair (do I love my alliterations or what) that this will get worse over the coming weeks. As ever, anything I find interesting on my web traversing I will share with you, but I will be somewhat preoccupied with whether or…Continue reading

Tune of the MomentUpdated: Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows This was looping on MTV2 every time I flicked it on last week and it’s embedded itself in my brain. Ohh yeah and Dave Grohl on drums really does kick the llama’s ass!