Up and down. Up and down. That’s pretty much me at the moment. I seem to stumble from one mood to the other, extremity to extremity. One moment craving interaction, the next demanding solitude. Laughter to silence. Occasionally a trick move is thrown, flipping me up and round, dipping and whizzing pasts states of mind,…Continue reading Yo-yo

Nose-pickingly good

I have bad habits, I pick my nails, fart, burp and enjoy a good rake in the nasal area. I’m comfortable telling you this because of a recently published survey into such habits. Conducted by the Science Museum in London as part of an exhibition entitled Grossology, a spokeswoman said: “Overall, we are all pretty…Continue reading Nose-pickingly good

Very Good TV

24 A stunning, fresh, fast paced [insert further numerous plaudits here] piece of television. So engrossing* that Louise and I stayed up all night on Saturday and watched it in one go. We started at 6:30pm and finished watching at about 11 a.m the next morning**. It is that good. If you didn’t catch it,…Continue reading Very Good TV

Blame GertOnline tests are popular, they are fun, intriguing and sometimes accurate. Gert points at a site with a ‘few’ of these so go knock yourself out:The Atomic Temple OnlineAs I said, don’t blame me, blame her.

Part of the communityI’ve written a site review for a site I stumbled across via wander-lust (over there on the right). I won’t spoil it for you too much, but I will say this. It’s weird seeing your name on someone else’s site. I’ve just re-read my review and I kept thinking “Did I write…Continue reading

WorryingYou know that way, when you care so much about someone, that you get really angry at them for something that really isn’t that big a deal. Something like, say, not phoning anyone (friends or family) to tell them where you are after a night out. You know the way, don’t you? Yes I am…Continue reading

Please HelpThe background to this story is harrowing, and I urge you all to visit this website and help out. You CAN make a difference (as was the case for another woman I mentioned here in March).Urgent Appeal – Amina Lawal Must Not Face Death by Stoning. The site offers plenty of information for you…Continue reading

OopsForgot to go to sleep. Bad DVD Player and Lord of the Rings DVD… bad!Bed now, up in 5 and a half hours. Ohh crap.