Are 67 blogs too many to keep track of? I think I need to edit my list, but who gets the chop? Hmmm tough one this, there are a couple which will be easy to relegate to ‘weekly/occasionally’ status… I’ll happily accept bribes… 😉

The Horror!

UK centric news warning: Meg has uncovered a horrible new attempt to demoralise the British public. The scale of this project has, hitherto, been unthinkable, but it seems it will soon become reality. We now go over to Meg for the breaking news.

Comment me!

Site news MetaLinker has gone. Didn’t think it was adding much to the site. [Fanfare] I now have comments! Woo Hoo!!!! [cue realisation that it may show just how few people visit this site!!]


Completely unrelated to the post below but if I DID have £2700, this little item may appear on my shopping list. I’ve not got a DVD player, I use my PlayStation 2 for that, mainly because I have around 400 films on video. Now if only the JVC HR-XV1 had a DVD recorder, I’d be…Continue reading Shopping


This little tale is awe inspiring, but only because I know how weak willed I am when it comes to money. If I was credited with £2700 I would be off to the shops like a shot! Actually, thinking about it, general pessimism and paranoia would probably kick in and make me hand it back.…Continue reading Integrity


Not sure where you start surfing from but I’ve got a local webpage listing around 80 blogs and a myriad of other sites (news, music, sport, tech, work related etc etc). I’ll usually take a couple of days to get through the list of blogs, but it works for me. Except when I screw up……Continue reading DOH!


PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting Some harmless fun (and very childish it is too). They changed their name to ‘Monday’. They spent 5 million on their new website and identity – But they forgot to register the domain. Ohhh how I laughed…

Privacy Law

“As most of you will already have heard, the government has backed down from the RIP s22 Order that would have given access to traffic data to dozens of government departments. We thought you’d like to know that this U-turn was largely down to you. “ RIP Order: Sometimes, you win.