I had Lego, a big box of it inherited from my Uncle. It started out innocently enough, building a house, or car, the occasional plane, but it was always under control. I graduated to Lego Technic and things started to spiral out of control. Yeah I started with the basic kits, and built what they…Continue reading Lego

Other places

I’m about to rant, so before I do… Go visit Meg, she will make you laugh: Go visit Stuart, he will make you think: hydragenic. Go visit Becky, she’ll make you want to move to France: mybluehouse. Go visit, Julie, and wonder when she and Leia will mutuate into one wonderous being: accidental/a large…Continue reading Other places

Tig, you're it!

What games did you play when you were younger? Hide and seek? Tig? British Bulldog? Hopscotch? My favourite was probably ‘ball tig’. Mainly because I was a lot better at throwing a ball than kicking a ball (born true by my preference for basketball over football). Louise’s birthday yesterday. Quiet day to ourselves. Wandered round…Continue reading Tig, you're it!

Nuclear Radiation?

Or genetic mutation? You decide: Doctors baffled by boy, 6, covered in ape-like hair. “Doctors from Aksay hospital said the boy has surprising mobility, flexibility, sociability, a kind of special intuition and a unique sense of direction.”

Messing with childhood

There are somethings that should be sacred, untouchable. They should be locked away, never to be tainted, altered or, god forbid, ‘updated’. How many hours did I spend glued to the television (ahh so that’s why my brain is addled) watching Cartoon Time and Rolf’s Cartoon Club, absorbing non-PC cartoons into my being. Revelling in…Continue reading Messing with childhood

Did you vote?

This was a crucial time for the world, and I bet half of you didn’t even take the time to vote. Apathy is a terrible thing, I just hope you aren’t one of the people who turn round and complain about the decision. See how the world voted on this crucial topic.

The future is now

Covered elsewhere, but this is too cool for words (although apparently not as there are several very wordy articles written about it… oh never mind…). Excuse me, your tooth is ringing. With this, and the Australian scientists managing to ‘teleport’ a light beam, it looks like the ‘future’ is coming closer all the time. So,…Continue reading The future is now