Month: June 2002


I had Lego, a big box of it inherited from my Uncle. It started out innocently enough, building a house, or car, the occasional plane, but it was always under control. I graduated to Lego Technic and things started to spiral out of control. Yeah I started with the basic kits, and built what they said, but I soon rebelled. I was a Lego freak, building weird and wonderful creations, mixing the plane kit with the car kit with the crane kit. I was on the edge.

Luckily I had the support of a loving family and they hauled me back. After a few years I was cured, but to this day I still get a shiver when I see Lego in the flesh, and the memories come flooding back. I’m stronger now, and even managed to handle a trip to LegoLand although that was hard.

There are many like me around the world, they suffer the way I did, limited by the number or shape of the pieces, constantly wanting more “90 degree curved green glass corner finish”, or the ever elusive “whip antenna 3” (it was very prone to snapping in our eager little hands). Many of them continue to build, unable to rid themselves of their demon.

But there is help available. They don’t have to face it alone. They gave us so much, and can people who give us such wonders as the Cathedral of Ice, be so bad? Maybe they’ve got it right, and we’ve got it wrong? Maybe the path forward is built on inch long plastic blocks… who knows…

(And maybe I’ve had too much caffeine today)

Other places

I’m about to rant, so before I do…

Go visit Meg, she will make you laugh:
Go visit Stuart, he will make you think: hydragenic.
Go visit Becky, she’ll make you want to move to France: mybluehouse.
Go visit, Julie, and wonder when she and Leia will mutuate into one wonderous being: accidental/a large head

That’s not to say that any of the above sites are solely consumned on the topic I’ve mentioned them for, au contraire. Visit them all and sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll ponder, sometimes you’ll explore, sometimes you’ll dream. And that, my friends, is why I love these funny little things called weblogs. Not for what they are, but for the people behind them. (Expanded by Tom: – download his presentation for more info)

And go to my Visit page for many more wonderous examples of where I spend my ‘net time’.

OK, fluffy thoughts dealt with, on with the rant (presuming you’ve come back from the above recommendations, and why do I feel bad about not mentioning Vaughan, Carey, David, Caterina, Mike, Jennie, and so many others (and to add to that, I’m not worrying about the order I’ve list those names in…))

Stop. I wish I could. Just stop. Stop doing this, stop doing that, stop wanting this, stop deciding that.

Stop getting hacked off at things I can’t control. Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened (and probably never will). Stop dreaming, stop wishing, stop wanting.


Most of all I want to stop Mondays.

Can’t we all just get together and agree that they are depressing, demoralising and thoroughly unhelpful days. Yes I realise they fill the gap until Tuesday and without them Tuesdays would become the new Monday, and anyway, what would we call the new day, and where would we put it? But Mondays suck. Last week I got stuck in traffic. This morning I dropped my watch (my beloved, coveted, beautiful watch) and shattered the glass face. Monday is getting the blame of this, and it’s not going to wriggle out of it.

(There have also been a few ‘developments’ at work, but I don’t like posting that kind of thing here. Best not to rant at the people that pay my salary)

Poem posted
Meant to throw this up last week but didn’t get around it. My sister sent it to me last weekend. Tears flowed.

Tig, you're it!

What games did you play when you were younger? Hide and seek? Tig? British Bulldog? Hopscotch? My favourite was probably ‘ball tig’. Mainly because I was a lot better at throwing a ball than kicking a ball (born true by my preference for basketball over football).

Louise’s birthday yesterday. Quiet day to ourselves. Wandered round the shops, had coffee at our favourite little place (Crema in Hamilton), and started thinking about getting a new bathroom – hey it was her birthday so if she wanted to trail round DIY stores who am I to say no? 😉

I cooked Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff for dinner, I would give you a recipe but I wasn’t really following one, kinda used this one, and guessed amounts based on other recipes. It was delicious if I say so myself, chocolate gateau followed (bought), all accompanied by a very drinkable Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. Yum.

Got out a couple of movies to watch: Spy Game, and The Score. Spy Game was good, Robert Redford and Brad Pitt were, as ever, solid, reliable and believable, nice story, and it will probably make it’s way into our collection at some point. The Score was average. Robert de Niro was, well Robert de Niro. This kinda role he can do in his sleep. Edward Norton was superb. I’ve yet to be disappointed by him, and he seems to be very adaptable to differing roles.

Today: washed car, tidied house, tried to cut grass but lawnmower appears to have died quietly in it’s sleep – which is odd as I always thought it would go out in style, a big bang and lots of smoke or something – my parents and sister are coming over, and we are all going out to dinner, probably DiMaggio’s. Good food, good wine, good company. What a great way to round off a weekend!

Messing with childhood

There are somethings that should be sacred, untouchable. They should be locked away, never to be tainted, altered or, god forbid, ‘updated’. How many hours did I spend glued to the television (ahh so that’s why my brain is addled) watching Cartoon Time and Rolf’s Cartoon Club, absorbing non-PC cartoons into my being. Revelling in the violence and stereotypes they presented, safe in the knowledge that this belonged to me, this was not the domain of adults, this was mine. Tom and Jerry, Captain Caveman, The Fantastic Four, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones and so many more. Each one leaving an indelible imprint on my memory and my soul.

Quite a few of these cartoons were reworked by different artists over their lifetime, Tom and Jerry’s ‘Big Mama’ changing to a ‘modern’ lady. Scooby inheriting Scrappy (or whatever the deal was there), The Flintstones giving birth to Bam-Bam.

Then came Hollywood. First they ‘updated’ The Flintstones, and whilst it wasn’t a great film, it was reasonably faithful to it’s origin.

Now we have the ‘updated’ Scooby Doo. And it’s just wrong. Take a moment, think about the characters from the cartoon, think, specifically about Velma (guys, stop thinking about Daphne for a moment please!). OK, Velma. Got a mental picture, bobbed hair, thick glasses, nerdy brain girl type.. ok? Look what they did to her. I don’t remember her glasses being trendy, and I certainly don’t remember even a HINT of cleavage… what is going on? I’m outraged!!!

This is more like what I remember, but I’m not convinced they’ve got the title character quite right.

And this is the problem. They are competing with a million different memories, and in trying to appease everyone, they’re gonna fall short. Solution: Don’t mess with my childhood!!

Ohhh and one thing about all this weighs heavy on my mind. The sequel… ohhh dear god…

Did you vote?

This was a crucial time for the world, and I bet half of you didn’t even take the time to vote. Apathy is a terrible thing, I just hope you aren’t one of the people who turn round and complain about the decision.

See how the world voted on this crucial topic.

The future is now

Covered elsewhere, but this is too cool for words (although apparently not as there are several very wordy articles written about it… oh never mind…).

Excuse me, your tooth is ringing.

With this, and the Australian scientists managing to ‘teleport’ a light beam, it looks like the ‘future’ is coming closer all the time. So, what Sci-Fi goodies would you like to see next?