As Richard Bloomfield points out, Scottish politicians will soon have a two month ‘recess’. In most other jobs, two months would be unheard of, so I’m guessing that whatever it is they spend their time doing can’t be THAT important or crucial. After all if it was, they wouldn’t be able to take so much…Continue reading Holidays


At home. Getting loads done. Spiderman (at last) tonight. Loads to do tomorrow (cut grass, get haircut, tidy office). More later. Maybe.

Site news

Updated the Visit page again, removed a few, added a few, hoped to not cause offense by placing site X after site Y, you know the kinda thing… If I’ve missed you, or deleted you, or you think I’m missing out (the sites listed are my ‘regulars’) let me know. Well I would’ve updated it…Continue reading Site news

Tentacle payment

There are a few smart cards here in the UK, but none have really grabbed the limelight. This story about Hong Kong Embracing the Octopus Card is fascinating, but somehow I don’t think it will catch on here in the UK. You can almost hear the whiney voiced objections from differing transport companies “But our…Continue reading Tentacle payment


I’ve got a few thoughts whizzing round my head about the piece I just read over at Leaking Brain Fluid – “She, The Dreamer”. I’ll try and capture a few and write them down later, but for the meantime go and read it yourself..

Cartoon time

Whatever happened to the Animaniacs? They were a breath of fresh air a few years back introducing many new characters, none of which really took off. My mate has a few of their videos, hmmm might see if they are in the current HMV sale! My favourite characters from the series? They’re dinky, they’re Pinky…Continue reading Cartoon time

La Cosa Nostra

How do you use your ‘fob’? Hmm maybe I should explain, or better still I’ll leave it to Davezilla. This site should come with some sort of warning, after all laughing so hard that hot coffee comes out your nose CAN’T be good. I guess you could consider that a warning then…


Before I head off to count sheep (I’m not in the slightest bit tired but I’ll try) I just want to mention Tom Cruise. I live with a fan of his (OK scarily obsessed weirdo), and we found ourselves watching Liquid News to catch him at the UK premiere of his new film Minority Report…Continue reading Sleep?

Misc. Wanderings

Leanne is looking very nice these days, Chapter 2 of the naked novel is now online (via blogatelle), the stranger is quoting U2, Pinky has redecorated, and is enjoying the story from Murphy and the Bricks, based on a poem by Pat Cooksey ‘The Sick Note‘, Jennie has found her dream job (and works ‘ubergeek’…Continue reading Misc. Wanderings