Happy Birthday

Speaking of Zeldman, Happy Birthday to Jeffery Zeldman presents… Eight years online and not a day older (OK, not really…). It doesn’t seem like anytime at all since I was elated at being ‘hat-tipped’ by him, but it turns out it was actually some 16 months ago. Wow, doesn’t time fly when you are having…Continue reading Happy Birthday

A walk in Central London

Public Lettering (via Prolific, via Zeldman) Fascinating and involving. Reminds me of some advice my father gave me about my home city of Glasgow. “Look up.” Typically in cities these days, most of the older buildings have been shelled out and converted to shops. Their lower floors vandalised and replaced with large, featureless pieces of…Continue reading A walk in Central London

Free Book

OK I’ve only skimmed a few pages of this, but it looks good so far. What is it? “A few months ago a group of writers with Web sites decided to get together and make a book. The idea was for each writer to compose a story on the theme ‘How-to,’ to result in a…Continue reading Free Book


R.E.M. – The band, the legend are a lovely bunch of people, so lovely, in fact, they are making ten remixes of some recent songs available, to us, for free. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Hump Day?

I think this falls in with what Michele was saying about your mind working in different ways (I’m not going to use the word porn on this website, I get far too many weird and wonderful search hits as it is..) Anyway those nice people over at 0(zero)format have put together a little package to…Continue reading Hump Day?


Carey gets back to basics, and I must admit I’ve been thinking something similar as I’ve recently been pondering the ‘why’ and ‘who’ of this very website. Of course when Carey does it, it looks good, like a post ironic take on neo-modernism… or something… Anyway it again brings up the subject of ‘why’. I’ve…Continue reading Simplification

Made in Taiwan

I remember, as a child, receiving a toy car. I don’t remember the exact make or model, but I do remember that, on the underside, were the words “Made in Taiwan”. Taiwan. It sounds exciting and different, although growing up in Dumbarton ANYTHING sounds exciting and different, but this was other-worldly, and for the first…Continue reading Made in Taiwan


It’s been a long time (over a year) since I last checked out this site, and to my glee it is still being updated. Things my girlfriend and I have argued about (no not me silly, him…).