Assume nothing

The BraBall. A statement? Art piece? Weird kinky fetish?According to the artist: “the incredible density of the piece catches people off guard and hopefully challenges their assumptions about women’s bodies. Our bodies are solid and strong like the sculpture, not wispy and frail like the bras it’s made of.” Indeed.

Talk Proper

In case Vaughan thinks I’m making it up… Scottish Development International “The Scottish voice is consistently voted as the most acceptable and understandable in market research” Och aye the noo!


desktravaganza – dunno why this site interests me so much – it’s the same fascination that makes me want to knock on the door of my Gran’s old house and see what they’ve done to the inside…

More BlogAmp

Hmmmm Hokay… BlogAmp works if I keep an FTP connection open with my FTP client, but the plugin doesn’t seem able to open the connection itself, odd. More investigation to come.

BlogAmp Down

Hokay… BlogAmp has died on me… not sure why, might be something to do with being behind a firewall? I’ll try again later, or over the weekend. This might just be the shortest lived feature on a website ever…


Hokay… BlogAmp up and running (click on “Current Playlist” on the right). You can even leave the window open and it will update itself every 4 minutes. How sad am I…. Feel free to critique my musical tastes and suggest some better stuff – always open to suggestions.


Someone Stole My Face. Those naughty (and v.busy) dynofoo guys are at it again!! But hey leave my face alone and get your own!

Friday Five

The Friday Five 1. What’s your favorite TV show and why? Without a doubt, The Sopranos. Well written, superbly acted, and completely rewatchable. Main cast are all very strong, and supporting actors bring the whole thing to life. Previously I was horribly addicted to This Life. I miss Anna, Miles, Milly, Warren and all the…Continue reading Friday Five