Out of touch

Dammit, Vaughan keeps making me think… (actually it wasTinka). We live in an age of instant communications. Why write a letter when you can email someone and receive a response in hours rather than days (depending on the person of course). Want the latest news? Check out your constantly streaming ticker app, hey, it even…Continue reading Out of touch

Happy customer

An example of good technical support Download update of product. Receive serial number. Try to Install and enter serial number – error message! Try again two more times. Give up. Contact Technical Support. Receive an email 20 minutes later with the correct serial number. Install product successfully. So, many thanks to Angie and the Stardock…Continue reading Happy customer


Referrer logs are good. How else would I have found this, this, or been reminded that I haven’t put up the curtain rail in the living room.

Kill Jar-Jar

The Empire Bounces Back “The Phantom Menace was a gold-leafed dud for Lucas” Hello my name is Gordon. I’m a Star Wars fan. OK, confession out of the road. This article reads well, and as I’ve already got tickets for May 16th, it makes little difference to whether or not I’ll actually go and see…Continue reading Kill Jar-Jar


a.lifeuncommon.org “If you don’t expect much, you’ll always beat your expectations.” OK it’s said tongue in cheek, but this is why I read so many personal websites. The redefining of a common way of thinking, challenging the perceived reality we all share, altering the juxtaposition of… awww hell. It’s just cos I’m nosey…


Robot cameras ‘will predict crimes before they happen’ – what the… how the…. why the…. Hmmm I can see a whole new avenue of student pranks opening up.