East Kilbride shopping centre early a.m. – hunting for wedding present and purple attire, found neither. Hamilton for lunch – same shoppng goals – got wedding present, a lovely set of glasses (more on that in a sec). Glasgow for secondary shopping goal – purple attire – remembered why we don’t travel across the city…Continue reading Weekender


Weird weather does not make a good weekend. Uncertainty about what to wear, jumper or raincoat, just adds to the fun.

Busy bee

I’m working from home today, tapping away on my laptop. I get twice, nay thrice as much done when I work at home as there are NO interruptions. I don’t mean that in a bad way, as a team leader/manager type bod my team require me to answer questions. I get involved in impromptu discussion…Continue reading Busy bee

Top of the Pops

How the hell? Actually I don’t care, it’s the first time I’ve seen my site listed as Number One on Google!! Woo hoo. Yes I know I’m not helping by reposting the search terms, but it’s an interesting question don’t ya think? I certainly would like to find out the answer to the question: did…Continue reading Top of the Pops


New “For Dummies” books Too. Damn. Funny. (Although I seriously doubt his Kung Fu is better than mine….) (and no, I have no idea why I write Too. Damn. Funny. like that)

There's a catch

Almost forgot. Last night Louise and I attended a ‘Presentation’ for a Holiday Club. Not time-share. We were there to get free holiday vouchers. The presentation was well crafted and thought out and utterly convincing. So there we sat, 5 couples, having heard why we had been asked along, making no effort to conceal the…Continue reading There's a catch

He's back

The return of Mister Zeldman “The cult of web standards, of Flash, of accessibility, of usability: each reflects the passions of dedicated, intelligent people. But when passion becomes zealotry, we stop listening to each other, and when we stop listening we stop learning. Can’t we all just get along?”

Shake on it

Media Lab’s ‘Smart’ Clothing Is a Dumb Idea “People could exchange data with a handshake” Ok I know I’m pessimistic, but one issue this article doesn’t touch on one thing. Privacy. If you can exchange data via a handshake, then how long before someone hacks the ability to be able to grab pertinent personal information…Continue reading Shake on it