BAD bad

And finally… Good news and bad news. My sister is happy. This is good news. The bad news; A friend of mine recently had some distressing news concerning a car getting broken into, the guy who did it cutting himself and bleeding all over the interior over the car. My friend then drove the car…Continue reading BAD bad


Blogger Manifesto “blogging is the first journalistic model that actually harnesses rather than merely exploits the true democratic nature of the web”. There has been a LOT written, about this activity of blogging, recently. Why people do it, where it is headed etc etc. I’ve read most of the major ones and, to be honest…Continue reading Journoblogs

Tight Fit

Heading to Greens Gym tonight to join (especially as the joining fee is currently being waived). I get a discounted rate through my company (which is very nice of them). Looks like I’ll soon be torturing myself on various impliments referred to as, I believe, exercise machines. Ohhh the joys… Bit of late night shopping…Continue reading Tight Fit


I have come to accept that, by nature, I am pessimistic. I’m definitely a “glass half full” kinda guy. This does tend to make me more cautious and careful about a lot of things, as I can see the downside far easier than the up. Obviously in some places this is a benefit, but increasingly…Continue reading Positive


Questions for the day… 1. What celebrity do you most admire and why? Difficult to pinpoint, but anyone who receives that amount of attention and remains down-to-earth and genuine, Brad Pitt, Mel Gibson, seem to fit this category. 2. What celebrity do you like best for their fashion? Jennifer Lopez always looks good, Brad Pitt…Continue reading Answers

Internet; Printed

Simple Things.This morning, someone, a stranger, handed me a copy of the (fabulous) free newspaper Metro. I was waiting to get one anyway, but it was a small gesture, much appreciated and lightened my day.


Just updating some referrer links (if I link them here I’ll remember to update the Visit page tomorrow) TeamMonkey Blogatelle If you’ve linked to me – let me know and I’ll happily reciprocate (and that’s enough big words for tonight). Bedtime.

Internet time

Louise was hogging the PC tonight – well ok she was on it for about an hour, but that’s WAY too much. Anyway, she was participating in a Live chat with that ‘nice gardening man off the telly’ Alan Titchmarsh. Her first time in a chat room and she couldn’t believe that she had been…Continue reading Internet time