Month: October 2001


Tomorrow is Halloween – we get to dress in costume all day then have a party in the office at night. Unfortunately I need to drive early the next morning but still should be a good laugh. Thursday will see a few of us head off to see WPC DD’s passing out parade, then onto the pub and a night out. Friday will probably be a ‘working’ at home day. Although I might have to shift some holidays about… 😉

Been neither up nor down mood wise recently, but the change in the weather and dark nights and mornings is horrible… guess I’ll have to try and keep myself motivated and active, bit of a struggle though…


So – nice weekend. Dinner at brother-in-laws (gorgeous roquefort and leek tart followed by perfectly cooked fillet steak), some shopping at IKEA (new store in Glasgow), and we watched America’s Sweethearts at the cinema. Film was OK but it was just good to be out of the house. Still not fully over my cold/fluey thing and I missed a party on Saturday cos of it.

Still this week has:

1. NBA live on BBC (Knicks vs Wizards – Jordan is back!)
2. Soprano’s series three on Channel Four.
3. WPC DD’s passing out parade on Thursday, followed by several drinks in the pub.
4. Halloween party on Wednesday – fancy dress ALL day!
5. Early bonfire night BBQ on Saturday.

Sheesh! I’ll be knackered – can’t wait!!


Bleuch. Been ill. Running nose, coughing, phlegm, aches, shivers the works. Still not 100% but when’s that stopped me working!

So not much news. Re-design has stalled. Work has stalled, life, in general, has stalled. Ho hum.

Old Skool

Wednesday – half way through the week. Spent last night surfing a few sites, actually surfing. Not just visiting the same sites again and again. Been ages since I did that, start at a site, take a link from there, take a link from the next one, and so on and so forth.

Didn’t really take much of it in to be honest as it was a deliberate distraction strategy, but it was good to get back to when I first ‘met’ the web. I still remember my amazement that there was SOOOO much porn about… ahem that is… what I meant to say was, that there were so many different uses, and SOOO much information, I remember thinking that my head would probably explode if I tried to take it all in. Which is probably why I only visit the same few sites everyday. So I’ve decided to try and ‘surf’ properly more. In fact I might even start a campaign.. hmmmm


And finally… have some ‘stuff’ going on. Some of it me, some of it a loved one. Will need a while to sort it out in my head, and it will be a couple of weeks before we talk about it. We will get through it, and be stronger and wiser for it, but I wish it didn’t have to happen like this.

wee site – N2S: Visit more often – a nice new look for wee david… he beat me to the CSS compliant design!


Xmas shopping. Jeepers. Watched Hannibal, and The Beach. Hannibal was OK… was a more ‘traditional’ thriller, but again Hopkins excels as Lecter. Julianne Moore was good, but didn’t bring the same vulnerable side of Starling into play much. The Beach was… OK… but so far detached from the book that I can understand why a lot of people didn’t like it. I think it was a bit soft, and too ‘Hollywood’. The love interest wasn’t required as the book isn’t about that at all, and Mister Duck was sadly absent from most of the film. Had potential, failed to deliver. That aside a quiet weekend, honed my skills further on Gran Turismo A-Spec in preparation for a matchup. The Big Chuffer actually thinks he will beat me!! Muwhahahahaha..