Moving home, one of the most stressful things you can do. We have painted the living/dining room, the hall, stairs and upstairs landing, and the master bedroom. We’ve taken tiles off of the kitchen walls, and are pretty much set to move on Tuesday – some last minute packing (including this PC I sit at)…Continue reading Constable


Busy busy busy. Work is busy. Home is busy. Project deadlines. Moving House. Team mates who have no professional ethics. I know I shouldn’t say that last bit, but I am beyond giving a fuck.


Kyoto treaty – thankfully agreed. But why does the US hold out? And is this a true reflection of what Americans actually want?


Thanks to David Duval (and congratulations as well). You made a days worth of cleaning and packing most enjoyable. Virtually everything we own is now in a box waiting to get moved a week on Tuesday. Can’t wait now. Really need to move, itching to get started on the decorating, laying of flooring, gardening etc…Continue reading Boxing

Pet Peeves

(part one of an occasional series) Modern cars. The cars we have today are advanced, they have airbags, power steering, ABS, EDC, FDA, CIA and FBI (well maybe not quite all those…) yet they don’t seem to have any indicators. You may be familiar with this particular invention. It started as a little flag that…Continue reading Pet Peeves


Downward spiral. This week sucked. That’s the best way to put it. In this age of instant communication we are getting the sum amount of squat from our bosses. (Ohh and if any of you guys from work read this, feel free to point them here, I’ve said it so many times now I’m blue…Continue reading Balancing


Wednesday. In two weeks time we will be fully moved into our new house. It can’t come soon enough. Everything that we disliked about our current lodgings, the decor, the lack of parking, the noise from the road, even the minor annoyances like the shower being too hot in the mornings, and that damn squeak…Continue reading Grumpy


Japanese Engrish Is this funny? Should we be laughing or offering to help? Or should we… ahh hell, it’s funny… go see it, and thanks AnnMarie!