Month: May 2001

Tripping ahead

Thursday – drive to Aylesbury (well just outside). Friday visit old haunts, wedding reception in eveing (Congrats to K & G – can’t wait to see her in a wedding dress, she’ll look stunning!). Saturday into London, and probably up the London Eye…. yikes. Drive back up on Sunday. Relax on Monday. Only one day of work to go.

Not sure what it’ll be like to go back there, varying memories, happy and sad, many recently rekindled. Should be an interesting weekend.

Brand Spanking

So this is the new design. Also (finally) posted my ‘diary’ of sorts from San Francisco. I’ve got a few other bits and bobs to finish off but given my recent timescales I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Life is a funny old thing, hell you don’t need me to tell you that. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything down, committed it to a storable electronic format, not really sure why I am, but just know that I need to.

It’s funny how a few things can jog the memory, a conversation here, a bit of information there, and you are soon comparing and analysing it, pulling it to pieces, reliving the experiences as best you can, even if you don’t want to.

Now this all makes me seem like I am craving martyrdom or suchlike. I prefer to think of it as an exercise in self-awareness, and ability to…aww crap who am I kidding.

I write this stuff prompted by life events. Sounds grandiose doesn’t it, but a conversation can be a life event. Recognising it as such is usually the difficult bit. However I am a great believer, as has been drummed into me, in talking, getting things off your chest. So conversation is crucial, be it about minor, silly things, to major life events. It all comes out in a conversation.

Conversation brings people together, even if the conversation is not prompted or lead by one person, the sharing of thoughts and ideas can be a revelation, and lightening of the load, or at least a sharing of the burden. Friendships and relationships flourish through conversation. Honesty is a lonely place, sharing it with someone, sometimes with anyone, makes it bearable – why do you think you get a lonely persons life story in one conversation? By including you in their space, the loneliness is eased.

The reverse of this is the pleasure some people, myself included, find in seclusion. Peace and tranquility are becoming harder and harder to find in today’s busy world, but it becomes a must. Seeking out loneliness to face the truth, confronting yourself with honesty. Before you can talk to others, you must talk to yourself. It doesn’t always work that way of course, but again, you don’t need me to tell you that.


Started writing again. Been several months since I opened my head and let a little spill out. Might not be pretty, but again, I don’t do this site for you dear reader, I do it for me. True I could write it all down, and keep it to myself, but having been through what I’ve been through, if reading something here helps someone, anyone, in anyway then it’ll have been justified.

I did consider a switch to EOD style humour (BTW EOD is RIP…LOL) but I’m just not that funny, he’ll be sadly missed.


BBQ Friday was fun. One of those nights when you look at your watch and think, “hmmm 11pm maybe just another couple of drinks”, and then 10 mins later look at your watch and all of a sudden it’s 3am. Would have been quite happy to let the night go on.

Saturday – drinks in Arte, Mao for dinner. Nasi Goreng was wonderful well recommended if you are eating out in Glasgow. Ohhh and if you are ever in the Merchant City area of Glasgow in the evening, you must visit Arte. Blows me away every time.

Today is a Bank Holiday, but here I sit in work. Louise can brave the traffic queues, I’m far too impatient for that.


Holy Schmoly (must learn to spell that correctly…), it’s Friday. Where did my week go? Been hot, muggy and unpleasant in our office this week – all you air-conditioned lot can shut up! – but looking forward to some cold beers, burnt burgers, and margaheritas this evening, followed by the traditional morning long hangover. Will help me get over a long, trying, frustrating week. Must be getting old, I used to be able to handle all this….


Working at home has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage: you get twice as much done.
Disadvantage: you’re not quite sure what is going on in the office.

I have a few concerns at the moment, not sure I like the way things are panning out. Still I said I’d give it a couple of months, and I will, might be a couple of very short months though …..

Intelligently Artificial

Coming Attractions.

Go there (above link) go to the A.I. page (Steven Speilbergs upcoming film) and go to the discussion forum. Check out the ‘Official easter egg website mystery’ discussion.

Amazing stuff…. I’m lost in it at the moment and could be in there for some time I think…