Tripping ahead

Thursday – drive to Aylesbury (well just outside). Friday visit old haunts, wedding reception in eveing (Congrats to K & G – can’t wait to see her in a wedding dress, she’ll look stunning!). Saturday into London, and probably up the London Eye…. yikes. Drive back up on Sunday. Relax on Monday. Only one day…Continue reading Tripping ahead

Brand Spanking

So this is the new design. Also (finally) posted my ‘diary’ of sorts from San Francisco. I’ve got a few other bits and bobs to finish off but given my recent timescales I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Started writing again. Been several months since I opened my head and let a little spill out. Might not be pretty, but again, I don’t do this site for you dear reader, I do it for me. True I could write it all down, and keep it to myself, but having been through what I’ve…Continue reading Blurbing


BBQ Friday was fun. One of those nights when you look at your watch and think, “hmmm 11pm maybe just another couple of drinks”, and then 10 mins later look at your watch and all of a sudden it’s 3am. Would have been quite happy to let the night go on. Saturday – drinks in…Continue reading Weekender


Holy Schmoly (must learn to spell that correctly…), it’s Friday. Where did my week go? Been hot, muggy and unpleasant in our office this week – all you air-conditioned lot can shut up! – but looking forward to some cold beers, burnt burgers, and margaheritas this evening, followed by the traditional morning long hangover. Will…Continue reading Tequila!


Working at home has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: you get twice as much done. Disadvantage: you’re not quite sure what is going on in the office. I have a few concerns at the moment, not sure I like the way things are panning out. Still I said I’d give it a couple of months, and…Continue reading Homework

Intelligently Artificial

Coming Attractions. Go there (above link) go to the A.I. page (Steven Speilbergs upcoming film) and go to the discussion forum. Check out the ‘Official easter egg website mystery’ discussion. Amazing stuff…. I’m lost in it at the moment and could be in there for some time I think…