I long for an even keel. The current business climate is wavering, up and down, up and down, I know it will level out, just wish it would hurry up – I hate NOT knowing. Problem now is that this kinda non-mood is beginning to wash off on me, find myself in a kind of…Continue reading Distracted


Wooossshhhhh. So that was the weekend. Saturday, in-laws, haircut, curry at friends. Sunday, my parents, shopping and two Indiana Jones movies (they just don’t make them like that anymore…). Back to Monday already… Funny atmosphere of people getting on with their day-to-day work without really being too sure of where it will lead. Maybe it’s…Continue reading Weekender

Nail meet hammer

speechtherapy In my current professional climate, six hits the nail on the head, ok so my ‘disorder’ (hey shouldn’t you Yanks have come up with a PC, positive outlook word for that?) is slightly different, but it’s staying where it should, some I’m a happy chappy…


Crazy hectic times ahead. I would presume I am on hiatus. The company news we got has thrown everything up in the air, and it feels very like it did when I first joined here, kinda exciting, infuriating and scary at the same time. Admittedly there are slightly scary undertones, but I’ve been there before,…Continue reading Splat


What a top weekend. So much to say that I can’t, so much I saw that I shouldn’t have, so much I did that… ahem anyway… Dublin was a really nice city, very relaxed laidback kinda attitude, like they’re not trying to be cool or anything, it’s just the way they are, and if you…Continue reading Dublin