Month: April 2001


Back in sunny Scotland. Well cloudy Scotland anyway…

Will post ‘diary’ from San Francisco soon, should be a riveting read, and will keep you completely engrossed for days on end… or perhaps not.

San Fran Diary

I’m getting far to accustomized to this lifestyle. Beautiful weather, friendly laidback atmosphere, and peace and quiet to do my work. Heading into San Francisco tomorrow to be a tourist, then have to complete my assigned shopping list on Friday a.m. (4 pairs of 501s please) and pop into the office to say bye to some people. Then the long journey to a cold wet country called home. Still I know there is a cosy little place waiting for me when I get there. I miss her.

San Fran Diary

Pleasanton CA. Is exactly as it sounds, pleasant. Weather is lovely, nice walk yesterday up Pleasanton Ridge. Work for a couple of days then into San Francisco on Thursday. I’m keeping a diary of sorts which I will post when I get back.

Stereo phonical

It had better be good, it had better deliver the goods, and live up to all the hype, and hype there will be, not to mention expectation… OH the expectation..

What am I wittering on about? The new Stereo MC’s album – Deep Down and Dirty (nice title). I’m jigging up and down in my seat already in anticipation. This is the band who got me into hip-hop, dance..well anything with a funky beat (God that sounds soooo corny). See I had a previous life as a metalhead, still do really. One thing, catch this band live – it is a much overused phrase these days, but ‘THEY ROCK!’

Wood for trees

Bah… I know I should be getting all excited, and I kinda am, but not as much as I usually would, does this mean I’m getting old?

Flying out to San Francisco on Saturday morning, staying and working in Pleasanton, and unfortunately missing a major (and I mean MAJOR) night out, bummer.


BANG, there goes another weekend. Babysat 2 nieces and 2 nephews, all good kids so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Played tig/tag for the first time in years – I’m much better at it now than I was when I was 12, although fitting through some of the smaller sections of the climbing frame was a bigger challenge.

Slowly gearing up for my trip to San Francisco, and only now realising that I’ll need dollars, power adaptors, enough clothes etc etc. This is where my approach of tackling each week as it comes falls flat.

Crystal Cat

glassdog – holy moly, further proof that good, up-to-date content and a peculiar sense of humour can get you almost anywhere. Well done Lance.

Catching worms

Too damn early, especially when I didn’t finish work until 12:15 a.m. (7 and a half hours ago).

Fixed a rogue bold tag – spot the difference.

Looking down

It’s a bit like standing at the top of a cliff with a parachute. Or maybe that pause at the top of a rollercoaster ride. You can just about see what is coming, but it’s really difficult to anticipate exactly when, and exactly what you are heading for, but either way you know it’s gonna be scary and exciting at the same time. Loads of work on the way, new projects kicking off left right and centre (center?).

Easter weekend soon, looking after nieces and nephews (2 of each) on Saturday, so it’ll be a fun day in the car, sitting in traffic, in queues… this is why I don’t take Bank Holidays off work – no point, all I do is get wound up!