Month: March 2001

Changes afoot

“No I can’t say”
“No – wish I could but I really can’t”
I hate that, almost as much as I hate it when you eventually find out what that person wouldn’t tell you and realise that when they said that you probably didn’t want to know, they were right.

Edinburgh was good, and well timed (even if I didn’t realise it at the time). Met up with a good friend, so good to be able to pick up where we left off, chatting like it hasn’t really been 6 months since we last saw each other.

Flying to Dublin tomorrow and staying until Sunday. So I’ll see you then, and yes I’ll give you all the gossip – even if I already have a good idea what the main topic of conversation will be…

I'm off

Dublin on Thursday. Edinburgh tomorrow (should be v.interesting if it works out). That’s about it for the moment. See you later.


Stress free zone continuing, and it seems that others are reaching the same zone, still can’t really pin down why, but I’m not gonna argue! Maybe it’s the buildup to the company kickoff event in Dublin? Maybe it’s the realisation that I am not (or at least don’t think I am) being judged professionally anymore. I know it’s an ongoing task, but I think I’ve done enough to prove myself. Which reminds me, still got 10 days holiday from last year to take… hmmm

Born Free

Strange evolution – I’m currently reaching a stress free zone. Not sure if that is a good thing, and I know that sounds daft, but I fear I may relax so far I start speaking my mind. Telling people what I think, of them, of they way they are…wouldn’t really be right, I’m still figuring out who I am, and yes I am resigned to the fact that I will never have a definitive answer, although even that isn’t strictly true, the definition of me is an ever changing/evolving set of emotions that will forever be tied to the moment. Not as romantic as it sounds, trust me.

Now where was I? Ohh yesss, stress free. Happy, working hard but not too hard, and actually getting closer to an even keel. It’s a Wonderful Life (except I’m not sure who my Clarence is…)


Actually I’ve got a very good idea what that next thread will be… can’t say too much at the moment, don’t want to frighten anyone, but let’s just say that they were warned, and I can’t be bothered fighting it anymore. Hey, just realised you are the first person I’ve told, promise me you won’t tell anyone from my company.


Another day, another dollar – N2Self: who said that? – work is getting predictably silly again, looks like some fun days ahead – still I’ll be in Dublin by Thursday next week. This is my current thread, and I’m gonna grasp on to it, until the next one comes along, which will be a trip to the U.S. of A at the end of April, after that.. God knows…


WaSP – mentioned before but needs mentioned again, on second thoughts don’t look at the source code here, I’ve yet to upgrade it, but I will, I will. Expect some changes then. Anyway, the main reason was to question why we have standards and how we should expand them to everyday life. A standard way of dealing with money, with health, with ohhh everything. That would be much better, much more under control, much easier to predict… emmm very mind alteringly dull and boring. Forget I said anything…


Damn. All of …ohhh… 15 hours ago I said I wouldn’t do this… but it really needed done – honest.


We live in an electronic age, I can email someone across the world in seconds, remotely access my office network with a minimal delay, banks transfer money between accounts with a single-click…except they don’t. Hmmm so when I use Switch it comes STRAIGHT off my account, but if I want to transfer money between different accounts (to remedy a fuckup by the bank!) it takes 10 working days? HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK? Do they have to travel to a special computer in the middle of the desert, by foot, to push the correct button? Call me cynical but is it because they can have the interest on it for those 10 days rather than move it out of my account straight away? I feel a nasty letter coming on.

Staid Human

speechtherapy – coming from the rapidly expanding gallery that is labelled “Now why didn’t I think of that…”.

I can sympathise completely with the editorial comment, I’ve been thinking much the same myself. That coupled with the fact that my life isn’t all that interesting (why do you come here?) and I too need to spend more time away from a PC to improve that side of things.

Ohhh and Human Traffic kicked ass (sorry for the Americanism) BIG UP to the Wales club massive!!!! or something….