Lisa Snowden

BBC News | ENTERTAINMENT | Cruise and Kidman to separate – so that’s why Louise is so happy. Now I just need to get hold of Lisa Snowden or Lisa Nicole Carson and I’m happy!

Muse required

Anyway… I’m looking for inspiration for my skins, I would really like to develop the whole package, icons, Tclock BMPs, WinAmp, Wallpaper, colour scheme, WindowBlinds (maybe I don’t run it anymore)… but then the Professor and Thredz already do that kind of thing so well… stiff competition. Hmmm


Back on the skinning/custo thing. Been downloading wallpapers and skins like mad. My hard disk is getting seriously whacked and I really need to back things up. So I should really be saving my pennies to buy a new power lead for my ZIP drive, but it’s so damn slow and a lot of the…Continue reading Progression


Why am I sat here? Just finished some work, and just realised that I am still sitting here, aimlessly surfing. I should really be doing something else. Just finished Timeline by Michael Crichton. Clever thriller, don’t think he was particularly stretched writing it though, and all the time I’m thinking… Yeah this would make a…Continue reading Wishlist


Confused – yesterday all I got was Seems I jumped the gun a little, especially after reading EVHEAD!: Essay. Man I shouldn’t react so fast. Maybe that’s the problem I am suffering with at the moment, maybe I should be more grateful for what I have, recent news from a friend makes me think…Continue reading Values