Good News

Our nephew has had several sessions of corrective surgery with no real degree of success. Until now. Finally we are seeing some results. Words can’t really express how happy we are, he’s been through a lot for a 14 year old, looks like the end is in sight.


I’m scared. I have to spend the entire weekend away from my PC. How will I cope? Real-life looms… ominously on the horizon, a couple of nights out, and a visit to the in-laws on their return from holiday. Drinking, good food, good company, I think I’ll struggle through. Mind you, back is still sore,…Continue reading Positive


Dunno why but I think things have taken a turn for the better. A lot of it is gut feel, but it is backed up by some comments I heard, people are listening. I’m also considering a new career – movie stardom. All started at the doctor’s today, he was a trainee and asked if…Continue reading Optimism

Good, bad, mellow

Napster decision bad, meteor landing intriguing, NBA ALLstar weekend good! I feel a lot mellower (is that even a word?) now. Not sure whether it was my rant last week, the time I had sitting about thinking when I was prone on my bed, or whether I’ve just reached a point where all I can…Continue reading Good, bad, mellow


OK, own up, someone somewhere must’ve linked to my site on Tuesday last week – 70 visits in one day – I think that is a record for this humble little place. Whoever it was, thanks! Drop me a line so I know who you are… of course if it wasn’t a link/mention somewhere then…Continue reading Popular?


speechtherapy – what, or whom, makes you feel human? Good question – my answer “Successes and failures, expectations and disappointments, laughter and tears all make me feel human. The fraility of that humanity is what needs to be kept in perspective.” Although I think DaveZilla said the same thing in a much more concise manner…

Hazy distance

Did I say too much? I don’t think so, but I did end up ranting and rambling a bit. Best intentions but marred by my own personal desires. I’ll have to wait and see the effects, if and when they happen. Outstanding issues will be resolved this week and should set my mind at ease.…Continue reading Hazy distance

Painful Ponderings

Ouch. Twisted my back a few days ago, still have dull throbbing pain, so I can’t sit down for too long at a time. Still, it has meant plenty of time to think about stuff. The way my life is headed, professionally, mentally, physically, socially and all the other something-allys that consistitute life as we…Continue reading Painful Ponderings

Hanging on

Stationary, moving fast. That’s my current state of mind. It seems things around me are moving fast, and I’m clinging on. Professionally this is a good thing, well a good thing as the company is moving fast. What this does mean is that everything is reactionary, I can no longer plan my work. I fully…Continue reading Hanging on