Month: January 2001


Was planning on getting to bed early. Forgot to wash my footie stuff from last night…dammit, dammit, dammit.
I’m in an unusually crap, narky mood this evening. Not sure why, although I could pitch a few hundred reasons, I think I’m just in a crap mood because I want to be in one.

Sounds odd, but to be honest I’ve gone through the reasons (the usual ones, and any others I can grasp at) and none really hold enough sway. Mind you I’ve been getting pissed off at myself recently. Need to develop some more integrity. I get the feeling that I’m gonna need it soon, depending what happens I may have to stick to my principles rather than take the easy option. Hopefully someone out there kinda gets what I mean, I’m not sure I do.

Actually I know someone gets it, we’ve been talking about it on and off for a while, so that person knows where I’m coming from…DAMN it’s hard to write this stuff and preserve anonymity…LOL

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SomeTHiNG… refresh please and re-add this site as a favourite – finally got that little icon thing to work…pointless I know, but hey isn’t everything pointless, cool.
Also converted my stylesheets to pixels. If you see anything weird, please let me know.


speechtherapy Read this several times. Six, welcome. I too went through similar (though not as public). I am pessismistic, argumentative, inquisitive by nature. I’ve learnt to recognise when I am being so and, if I feel I should, deal with it – you gotta remember that pessimism tempers optimism giving a better sense of reality. Inquisitiveness can ensure all the aspects are considered.


Been listening to a track by Bjork. It’s on one of those free CDs I got with the latest issue of Empire. Brass band playing, nice drop beat going on. Wish I could remember it’s name.

Jury service is over. Trial was postponed. What a colossal waste of money (and time). Still means I can now plan the rest of my week – hmmm plan what work I will do…bummer. Ohh and I MUST find out if we are getting the All-Star game live here in the UK, so I can take the next day off, although I will probably end up working at home. That’s something else I MUST do. Stop working at home!! I’ve plenty of other things to do (my book version of K2 is still growing).


Didn’t sleep well (and didn’t finish working until 1:30 a.m.). Checking my emails, and finishing up a few bits and bobs – however I know fine well it will be at least midnight before I turn in. Interesting report on ‘alternative’ medicines. Alternative to western culture that is, the majority of the established medicines have been in wide and successful use for centuries.


Movie info from IMDB
Movie reviews from Metacritic

Nice pace, intelligent handling of the ‘issue’ behind the story. Acting was solid by all main characters. If you enjoyed American Beauty you should enjoy this. If you want an exciting film go elsewhere. If you want to be treated like an intelligent adult who doesn’t need every single step and twist of a tale to be made blindingly obvious then I would highly recommend it.

Catherine Zeta Jones was better than I thought, last saw her in Darling Buds of May – she has come far. Benicio Del Toro was outstanding took me a moment to place him, having put on a few pounds since Usual Suspects.

Jury Service starts tomorrow. Not expecting anything juicy, and obviously I won’t be discussing it here, but for some reason I have an urge to watch Twelve Angry Men.


Traffic, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Unbreakable, Vertical Limit? We need to get to the cinema more often.

I’ve also had my interest in tattoos reopened (yes I have a couple). Been researching the origins and ‘classic’ designs – no not LOVE and HATE on the knuckles – some of them are gorgeous and fit nicely into my fascination with Eastern Oriental culture. More on that later I think..

There is one thing I like about this website. I can write what I like, be as vague as I like, can be kinda fun. Of course I wouldn’t use this to wind anyone up – that wouldn’t be fair, would it…