Year: 2001

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas

I’m just getting in ahead of schedule as I doubt I’ll be posting much over the festive season. Have a good one, see you next year (or maybe sooner…)


Bleuch… winter is here.

Not done a thing here for ages, caught in a rut which I will break soon I promise. A re-design for one (prolly during my Xmas hols) and I may even try and post more than once a week!!


No motivation to post. Sorry. Down, down, down.


Still here. Still having ISP hassles.

Can’t believe it’s almost December, past the initial Harry Potter rush ( advance screening for us!), and past some family issues. Still stuck a bit with nothing much progressing, and already putting things off until the New Year (by which time I will no doubt find another excuse).

To preempt this, my resolutions are:
1. lose weight.
2. win the lottery (thus allowing me to buy a guitar and piano, get a new PC and highspeed internet access, and not be bothered about switching jobs).

I am happy though… really… Ohhh and Jools Holland gig on the 8th December ! Woo hoo!


All is quiet. Still trying to move ISPs, still trying to decide on what to do with the site, still trying to figure out a re-design, still got loads of questions, still figuring out loads of answers, still got a head full of rubbish, still got an urge to write about it.

So guess that means that, while I haven’t updated for an AGE, I will be back in full swing. To be honest the hassles with the ISP aren’t helping, but maybe that’s just an excuse…

Grand plans

Good mood (apart from my back killing me, it’s amazing what a switch of seats for a couple of days will do). Productive at work and at home, unusual as it is normally one or the other. In midst of re-designing this space and starting to contribute more to the ‘community’ (whatever the heck that is!). Also gonna start writing down some professional thoughts, and gather together some resource on that side of things, again it’ll start as something ‘just for me’ but hopefully will grow, I’m gonna let it be an organic section of the site and see what comes of it – of course first I’ve got to start writing stuff down!!


Haven’t done this for ages and considering a hiatus for the site, not got the energy or the ‘need’ to do this right now, too many other things going on…


Tomorrow is Halloween – we get to dress in costume all day then have a party in the office at night. Unfortunately I need to drive early the next morning but still should be a good laugh. Thursday will see a few of us head off to see WPC DD’s passing out parade, then onto the pub and a night out. Friday will probably be a ‘working’ at home day. Although I might have to shift some holidays about… 😉

Been neither up nor down mood wise recently, but the change in the weather and dark nights and mornings is horrible… guess I’ll have to try and keep myself motivated and active, bit of a struggle though…


So – nice weekend. Dinner at brother-in-laws (gorgeous roquefort and leek tart followed by perfectly cooked fillet steak), some shopping at IKEA (new store in Glasgow), and we watched America’s Sweethearts at the cinema. Film was OK but it was just good to be out of the house. Still not fully over my cold/fluey thing and I missed a party on Saturday cos of it.

Still this week has:

1. NBA live on BBC (Knicks vs Wizards – Jordan is back!)
2. Soprano’s series three on Channel Four.
3. WPC DD’s passing out parade on Thursday, followed by several drinks in the pub.
4. Halloween party on Wednesday – fancy dress ALL day!
5. Early bonfire night BBQ on Saturday.

Sheesh! I’ll be knackered – can’t wait!!