SomeTHiNG is changing. The emphasis is changing. The history is changing. The future is changing. Come back if you want. Stay away if you prefer. Why? A direct response/reaction. A re-assessment of the question. Because I can’t ask why.


I fully expect to be aching by the end of the weekend. Beer tonight (hey it’s Friday you know…), then helping friends move into their new flat. Probably more beer, then a very quiet day on Sunday which will no doubt turn into an Xmas shopping day. I’m almost looking forward to Monday already! I’m…Continue reading Ostrich


A few nice suprises yesterday, one of which wasn’t when my PalmPilot (III) started looking ill. Screen had gone all broken up… strange. Checked out Palm Support, newsgroups, everywhere I could. Ended up hard resetting and losing a lot of stuff. Which brings me round to my point. Planning. I’m terrible at this sort of…Continue reading Planning


Tonight, tonight (damn Phil Collins again…or was it Genesis, and why am I getting such a sense of deja wotsit as I type this?). Gonna tidy up the re-design – it’s gone through 3 or 4 iterations, and is almost there. Just need to make it a better cleaner, and double-check all the styles and…Continue reading Plans

It's late

So it’s late and I’m still sitting here at the computer. Again. There must be more to life, and even as I type this I realise that there is. I’m just too damn lazy to get off my ass and do it. I also hate the way I so easily typed ass, an American word……Continue reading It's late

Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys – good film. Nothing spectacular, and gave me the same feel that American Beauty did (well not quite as much). Tobey Maguire was excellent, Michael Douglas was quietly superb, and for the small amount of time she had, Frances McDormand was her usual self, effective and supremely watchable. Robert Downey Jr. even managed…Continue reading Wonder Boys


what’s your pokename? (courtesy of memepool) It’s incredible, and insightful. I DO live in Britain, I DO eat TV dinners, garbage and love Dr.Pepper. In saying that I’ve never heard of Hot Death, and I’m sure shooting rocks sounds excruciatingly painful. Mind you, I’m sure being able to puke acid will be handy when negotiating…Continue reading Squirbra


Another day, another dollar. I have heard that there is some election going on somewhere, but I doubt it’s gonna make as big an impact as people expect. I suffer terribly from jealousy. I look around and want more than I have, and for once I’m not being unreasonable in my demands, mind you I…Continue reading Nothing


So I’ve yet to complete the re-design, which has taken far too long… however it occured to me that the content side has fallen behind somewhat. So I’m probably going to start tackling themes – maybe the 7 sins to start (why are sins so much more fun than… ehh what’s the opposite of a…Continue reading Triggered

Enough of me

Cough, cough, splutter, splutter. I hate this time of year. Well not true I really like it, if only it wasn’t for the sore throat, tickly cough… hold on I sound like a cough medicine advert. Back to work tomorrow… joy of joys. Hey, I haven’t asked for a are you?