Strange, cathartic kinda mood. Same every year really. Lunch with friends on Tuesday then braved the Sales (and no I wasn’t one of the nutters waiting for the 5 a.m. opening), quiet day yesterday (read a book… that’s it) and starting to think about 2001. Resolutions – nah.. still trying to get my head round…Continue reading Ahead


Too much food. The right amount of booze – a relaxed Christmas Day. Saw my Gran today, it’s amazing how many years a walking stick adds. She never looked like a ‘granny’ before.

Christmas Eve

The calm before the storm? It’s Christmas Eve and we’re in that funny period between the build-up and the day itself. Quiet anticipation. Friday night, Xmas lunch at work, wine, beer, dancing… top night! Mind you it always ends the same way… kinda flat. Still managed to get some exclusive gossip, but won’t be able…Continue reading Christmas Eve


Once upon a time there was a guy. He put together a website. He posted some stuff about himself, some rants, and other bits and bobs. So far the story has no end. So far… Stuck in a kind of limbo – loads of ideas, yet keep getting pulled back to handle the present. Oh…Continue reading Mantra


Re-design took a step forward (at last). The project I was working on will finally be completed tomorrow. Which gives me 2 days to do what I had planned to do in 5… nothing new there then. File-renaming. I want to rename my MP3s. I currently have Track – Artist.mp3. I would like Artist –…Continue reading Rename

Let it snow

I wish it would snow. Well to be more accurate, Louise wishes it would snow. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas. This cold, wet, dreich day is typical of recent winters. We are trying to organise our Xmas activities. Xmas day – up early (after much prodding and ‘subtle’ banging about by Louise), head through…Continue reading Let it snow

Almost done

Fighting off a cold. Looked at the ‘re-design’ last night, not sure about it. I’m swithering between trying to produce ‘standard-compliant’ HTML code, or cramming in as many ‘cool’ features as possible. I prefer a clean look, simple design, so I’ll probably end up going down the ‘standard’ route. Or maybe it’s because I’m finding…Continue reading Almost done


5:30 a.m. – no not just now… that was bedtime on Saturday a.m. – excellent night = beer, tequila, aftershock, southern comfort, red wine = terrible hangover. Saturday didn’t exist. Sunday is finishing well. Monday and the gossip from Friday night will be caught up on… I have a few tidbits of my own to…Continue reading Weekender


Far too focussed on work at the moment. Xmas night out is on Friday, and there is soooo much left to do on my current project. Q: Why do you call a project aardvark? A: So people will ask why….