Jealous? Never

Happy Birthday Gran! Yikes it’s December on Friday, and as I live with a Crimbo Nutter that means our tree will be going up (Yes I know the whole 2 weeks before thing…). Still it does mean that a holiday is in sight, but as I’ve just pulled together a list of documents I need…Continue reading Jealous? Never


The human species is evolving. But into what? Recent propositions have detailed a system where you can order products that you see when watching a film or tv programme. Product placement is now commonplace in major blockbusters, so now when you think – hey cool phone! – all you will need to do is push…Continue reading Evolution


Wrong again. Felt really flat on Friday but had a good weekend, relaxed, chilled, did the family thing and some Xmas shopping – not real Xmas shopping more like a laidback alternative, we stayed out of city centre and visited some out of the way places including a couple of garden centres… they have some…Continue reading Unloomed


Mass hysteria, mobs prowling the street with banners, wrongfully targetting lawful citizens. Where am I? The Middle East? Try Florida, U.S. of A. Personally I’m taking two approaches. 1. Agreeing with American friends that the whole situation is awful, and must be concluded (as long as [insert candidate] wins). 2. Quietly, smugly enjoying those damn…Continue reading Farcical

About me

I was gonna post the bit below as the only page on my site yesterday, but I decided not to react over a couple of comments. If you do read things here, don’t think you know me. You only know the words and story I’m playing out on here. If you want to know more…Continue reading About me


SomeTHiNG is changing. The emphasis is changing. The history is changing. The future is changing. Come back if you want. Stay away if you prefer. Why? A direct response/reaction. A re-assessment of the question. Because I can’t ask why.


I fully expect to be aching by the end of the weekend. Beer tonight (hey it’s Friday you know…), then helping friends move into their new flat. Probably more beer, then a very quiet day on Sunday which will no doubt turn into an Xmas shopping day. I’m almost looking forward to Monday already! I’m…Continue reading Ostrich


A few nice suprises yesterday, one of which wasn’t when my PalmPilot (III) started looking ill. Screen had gone all broken up… strange. Checked out Palm Support, newsgroups, everywhere I could. Ended up hard resetting and losing a lot of stuff. Which brings me round to my point. Planning. I’m terrible at this sort of…Continue reading Planning