Nice quiet

Nice quiet weekend, and a nice quiet week (so far). Caught up with some friends, survived a less than wild night on Friday, and hoping to do some Xmas shopping tomorrow (urgh). How are you?


A girl’s game. Yet somehow I’ve been roped into playing at lunchtime today. Not quite sure what to expect…. Without getting into specifics, it’s always nice when someone else holds up there hand and says – “sorry, I made a booboo..” It’s twice as sweet when it’s the taxman, and he includes a cheque! Mind…Continue reading Netball

Future now

I ache. As usual I did too much in the gym on Wednesday, so my shoulders and arms are stiff and sore. The pain in my legs is nothing new and I’m used to it. We play football every Thursday (should I say soccer? Hell no!) and every Friday I’m stiff – is regular exercise…Continue reading Future now


I’ve always been able to make the separation between a business decision and a personal decision. I’m pretty good at stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. It’s one thing being passionate and ‘caring’ about your work, it’s another to close your mind and concentrate your focus wholly on it. I’ve found myself more and…Continue reading Startup


Twenty Species We May Lose in the Next 20 Years Amongst the talk of using science to play God, surely we should be content with our offspring as they are naturally. After all, our species isn’t threatened with extinction… yet.


Kinda cloudy this morning, I preferred yesterday’s blue skys… mind you I prefer this mornings 7 degrees to yesterdays 3! I like this time of year, the trees are turning, and you can start wearing those big comfy jumpers… drink hot chocolate… and take long hot showers whilst trying to steam the wallpaper off… yeah…Continue reading Retiring


I normally miss them – TV moments… Judy Finnegan provided last nights eyeful. No more need be said methinks 😉 I’m lacking inspiration at the moment. Started playing about with a WinAmp skin, end result less than ordinary… same happened for NextStart and WindowBlinds. I’m now wondering about the new website design… *sighs*