Finishing post in sight… maybe… the re-design deadline is the end of the month… LOL So, anyone got any petrol? Scary stuff this, and beginning to get out of control, I’ve read a couple of reports of ambulances without petrol, not good. On a lighter note – MSN Messenger has enabled me to have a…Continue reading Catchup


“That is not the way to make policy in Britain and as far as I am concerned it never will be.” – Tony Blair. Totally agree Tony. Well said. We can’t have a government that is dictated to, that’s the entire point in voting, elections and the democratic process. Slight problem though, aren’t the people…Continue reading Petrol

Weird Samba

Brazil. The film. Strange. Very, very strange. It’s age is obvious, but that aside it is entirely uninvolving. It’s not the most painful movie I’ve seen but more of a time-filler than anything. Ben-Hur is next on the list. Quiet weekend. Half-Life practice soon. Then more time mucking about in DreamWeaver. Shouldn’t we be doing…Continue reading Weird Samba


Flirting is fun. Hell, I don’t need to tell you that! But why do we do it? I’m very happily married (I love her), so why do I flirt? Initial thoughts of those who have not adopted the flirting doctrine (if it moves, flirt with it) is to try and categorise flirters by saying “You’re…Continue reading Flirt

Apathy is…

Sigh… apathy is a terrible terrible thing. I just don’t care. No not about you, I care about you. Holiday required methinks, then again a change is as good as a holiday – what kinda change? Sigh. Another thought – I really must start being more productive with this space. Mustn’t I? Actually hold on,…Continue reading Apathy is…


Re-design a go-go… well not really, but I’m gonna start from scratch – again! Have started writing again as well, sort of… in my head I have a few ideas, will jot them down and flesh them out if I can. I’ve also started design of ANOTHER website for my professional side. I have loads…Continue reading Appendix


lazy, lazy sunday – hey I can hardly be bothered to punctuate this correctly. Website re-design falters again so I will start posting some recent writings… maybe…


Journey up was awful. Weather cleared when we got there, boat trip was nice, but disappointing, no dolpins. Cullodeon on the way back (sobering stuff), and a lovely drive back down. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Much needed sleep, lie in and a lazy day. Roll on Saturday… ohh it’s Saturday already.