Strange week – kinda floated through it. Accomplished most of what I meant to. Most, not all – I’ve really gone off the boil as far as the design aspect of this site is concerned (hey who said I was never on!). Still working at it. No Zeldman to ease me into the day, no…Continue reading Manager


I was in a church, yesterday, for the first time in, oohhh…4 years? longer? I felt very hypocritical, but was glad I went – it reminded me why it leaves such a strange taste in my mouth. Now, don’t get me wrong (again…), I have amazing respect for anyone who can devote themselves to a…Continue reading Faith

Mucho relaxo

I love this state of mind. It’s Wednesday and I’m not quite sure the date. It’s amazing how easily I’ve slipped out of work mode. I suppose sitting about doing nothing is helping though. Mucho relaxo. I’ll be working on the new design this afternoon, and would imagine it will be done for the end…Continue reading Mucho relaxo


Once again it is the other stories that capture the memory. Derek Redmond being helped to hobble to finish his heat, Muhammad Ali collecting his gold (again), and Eric the Eel. A man who had never swum 100 metres and had never seen a 50m pool. 16,000 people watched him ‘race’ and win his heat.…Continue reading Olympian


Sore leg – no I mean really really sore. Knee in calf muscle sore. Limping heavily sore. Already phoned doctor sore (which, as Louise will testify, means it must be really really sore…). Still I’m on holiday next week. No not going anywhere, but I am hoping to get the re-design finished. Mind you after…Continue reading Ouch

Five ring circus

Feeling decidely… different over the last couple of days. Difficult to put my finger on what it is though. Maybe I’m being inspired by the Olympics, all that achievement and glory.


Happy Birthday to the Big Chuffer! I hope the coming year is as good as the last one. Stirling was OK. Hungover. Still. Bummer. Mind you at least I didn’t run ‘over’ a car… tut tut tut… LOL. Holiday in a week’s time. A week of no work. In fact probably a week of not…Continue reading Throbbing


Survived footie. Night out (company thing) in Stirling, should be fun, haven’t been drunk for ages! I’ve downloaded NextStart in another step to finding a system I can use – very customisable, skinnable etc etc. Might even lead to me rekindle my interest in design software skins, but not until I’ve finished the website re-design……Continue reading Fiasco