Month: July 2000

This or that!

Ever get to the stage when you have so much to do, you really don’t know where to start, so you end up starting about 6 or 7 major things and then you start wondering why you think you are getting a little stressed.

I can see why people turn to drink.

Tell me why

Wouldn’t it be better not to discuss a forthcoming re-design and just do it (tm I think…?) a la

Also – why do I think my site needs to be ‘cool’ and ‘design-ey’. Hmmmm.

It’s Monday, I could tell when I woke up and the hassles at work only confirmed it for me…oh and it rained.

Organic design

Dammit, dammit, dammit. Stop start re-design… to the extent where I started to wonder if I could build that in as a feature… a kind of organic website, constantly under design. Then I realised I’m too lazy.

There is something comforting about Sundays, the church bell chiming the hour is a nice touch, hopefully when we buy somewhere we will still be close enough to hear it. I also like the fact that we can sit about semi-dressed all day, watching telly, chilling out, kinda like a mini-holiday.

Ohhh and hats off to Zeldman, made me realise how lucky and blessed I am. Our thoughts are with Joan (and Bathead).

Sleep for change

The sun is gone, and we need a good thunderstorm to a. clear the muggy air and b. keep my wife happy (she lives for torrential rain…well anything water related).

I’ve started tracking my moods to my sleep patterns. I must start getting regular sleep.

If you’ve got 31 days holiday left, what do you do? Damn I must get a holiday (once we’ve changed the car, bought a house, etc etc). Highlight of the weekend will be a re-design of this site… probably… I’ve not managed to get around it, but have promised myself that I will get something done.

Is anyone else getting a tad bored and disillusioned with the Internet?


McBeal appeal. Just finished watching it, I still don’t know why it hits home, every week there is something that jars me and I think “Damn that’s right!”. They are beginning to inspire me to write some stuff (after a healthy absence).

Oh, still trying to get my re-direct changed, and the re-design is still on – it will be a pretty radical departure from the current, white, grey and blue, but you’ll have to wait and see (as will I as I haven’t decided what to do with it yet!).


Kinda up and down days.

Work is work, and socially things are the same. Guilt kicks in as I realise we have still to visit S since she dropped her sprog…

I get the feeling it’s gonna be another hard week. Yearly review at work promises to be fun/disappointing/annoying/liberating/disappointing. Hmmm, disappointing twice… that can’t be good.

Moving on

ANOTHER sunny weekend, and a sad goodbye (well more of an au revoir). My Aunt & Uncle are emigrating to Oz, which only gives us another reason why we will have to start saving and get there…

There has also been a change over the last week or so, I’ve gotten much more serious about things, much more critical. Not sure yet if it is a bad thing, only time will tell.


That’s it, I’m gonna stop surfing (the web, not the water…not that I have ever tried surfing (on water, I do surf the web)).

I’m trying to redesign this site – ignoring the fact that I haven’t written anything for it in over a month (I don’t count this stuff, hopefully neither do you) – and I keep getting great ideas, but I still look at my site and go… BLEUCH.

Is it just me? Does everyone rate their own sites the same way? Is every other website better?

Holiday request

Man I hate working when the weather’s this good. I also hate the blister I have on my foot. I hate the bills that come in, I hate… well I’m just so pissed off and in such a “aww screw this!” mood that I pretty much hate everything.

Except that’s not really true, I need a holiday… I need to spend sometime NOT thinking about work, and relaxing properly.