I wrote this without really thinking about it, she’s allowed me to share it with you.

How she makes me feel

I don’t have the words to express how much you mean to me, and how much I regret what has happened, maybe the words don’t exist. ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ don’t, and never will, sum up the way I feel, but they are all I have.

I’m falling in love again, and noticing many wonderful things that had passed me by. I have said in the past that I am selfish, and it is true, I was so selfish I didn’t look any further than myself, what a fool. Not a day passes when I see something and think of you.

How could I have not seen the beauty and love you have. You don’t realise the power you have over me, and I can’t explain it, but with each passing day it grows stronger.

The truth is I have always loved you, even before we met. At first it was the idea of you. The idea of companionship, fun, laughter, love and so much more, but even now I still don’t fully understand the scale of our love, but I will not question it again. It is our foundation, and you are the rock it is anchored to.

There is no question to answer if the question is “do you love me”. No answer is needed, the words do not need to be spoken. We know it, we feel it. Only the social insecurity forced on us pushes the words from our lips, and what words they are as they float on your breath. Words that move, immerse and elate. Three simple words.

You are so precious, a jewel, a fine priceless ornament, yet so much more. I cannot bear to think of an existance without you. You will remain with me forever, from this point on to eternity. We will share so much, but it will never be enough.

You are the one I need, the one I reach for, the one I depend upon, you mean so much. You fill my heart and there is little room for others.

You are my friend, my lover, my confidante, you are my inspiration, my reason for being, the reason for continuing, the reason for fighting.

You are love, you are mine.

I love you.